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Jared live

You Me at Six were up first but 30 Seconds To Mars made sure that the audience knew it was their show by showing the video for Up In The Air on the big video screens that were set up just before YMAS came on stage. It was A bit of a slow start but gradually built momentum. They worked their way through Reckless, Loverboy, Little Death, Liquid Confidence to The Dilemma, Crash, Lived A lie, Stay with Me and closed on Bite My Tongue and Underdog.

I think that YMAS aren’t even aware of their own fan base. They went on as if the crowd were metal heads and tried to start circle pits and get everybody crowd surfing. Obviously this failed big time as the young crowd couldn’t even participate nor had the strength to even hold a crowd surfer up

The band took their exit and we waited patiently for 30stm to appear. During the interval, the band made sure we were ready by playing the new City Of Angels music video, which had everyone’s attention from the first scene.

Before we knew it, they opened with Birth with the Taiko Drummers and before we even spotted, Jared was high above the stage and the crowd erupted.

Night of the Hunter was up next, followed by Search and Destroy, This Is War, Conquistador, where the crowd were showered in confetti.

Do or Die followed before Depuis Le Debut, which was complemented with an acrobat. End of All Days, City of Angel with the Taiko Drummers, Pyres of Varanasi played as Acrobats showed off their unbelievable talent.

Convergence, Save Me, Hurricane and Alibi were followed and Jared even sang this to a young fan, who he had plucked out of the crowd, which was a very beautiful moment for all.

Kings and Queens, Closer to the Edge and The Kill were sung partially as Jared went acoustic on us for the mid section.

Closer to the Edge (again) The Race and Kings and Queens bought the magnificent show to its close.

The crowd begged for more and so on with the encore, Jared sang Stay, The Rihanna cover that they originally sang for BBC1´s Live Lounge. Up In the Air blasted out and the crowd were ecstatic.

Boy, did they put on a show!

It wasn’t just any standard concert where the band does their thing. This was A SHOW…it was amazing!

A definite highlight was when Jared stopped mid song and turned to the seated crowd to his left and continued by explaining to them that this wasn’t TV, so why were they sat on their asses. He then ended by jokingly adding you fucking cunts, which had everyone in hysterics.

A night to remember for years to come.


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