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After much deliberation – Would I go? Would I give it a miss?- I boarded the train to Glasgow to travel in to the city to see The Quireboys 30th Anniversary show at The Garage.

Opening act of the evening were Irish band, Preachers Son. In front of a small but growing crowd, in a decidedly chilly room, they delivered a solid half hour set. The highlight wasJericho, from their latest album “10 Stories Tall”. Great band – well worth checking them out! Also 10 out of 10 to their guitarist for coping with a broken strap. And 11 out of 10 for trying to fix it with gaffer tape!

Next up were the Vargas Blues Band. Watching Javier Vargas pour his heart and soul into his music was a sight to behold. They played a fantastic forty minute set that included tracks off their latest album “From The Dark.” A personal highlight for me was “Let It Go”. I’ll most definitely be looking these guys up again.

With the hall (still somewhat chilly) almost at capacity The Quireboys took to the stage. Sporting a tartan blazer that he professed was a gift from the wonderful Frankie Miller, Spike kick started their set with “Troublemaker” from their current album “Black Eyed Sons” (awesome listen- check it out!) Right from the first note, the Glasgow crowd were putty in the charismatic front man’s hands. With his distinctive husky Geordie accent, he declared it was “so nice to be back” before diving headlong into a rousing rendition of “Misled”.

Crowned in his trademark gypsy headscarf, Spike owned the stage throughout the entire show. A master at work. He charmed the crowd with ever shake of those snakelike hips and with every mischievous smile.

There were too many high points during the seventeen song set to single them all out.

Spike sang. The crowd sang. During one particular song which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, Spike sang the wrong words. The fans sang the right words, a point he fortunately saw the humour in.

Personal favourites for me were “Roses and Rings” (I’d been singing it all day), “Hey You” and “There She Goes Again”(apt considering he number of gigs I’ve been to recently).

The main set finished with Spike yelling “What’s the time?” before starting the distinctive harmonica intro to “7 O’clock.” Every person in the room sang their hearts out. Fabulous song and still fresh as the first day it was performed. Loved every second of it!

After a quick breather, the boys bounded back on stage (with Spike commenting on the low temperatures that still haunted the room) and treated us to an encore of “I Love This Dirty Town” and rounded off with the inevitable “Sex Party.”

Sadly, as the last notes faded away, the party was over for another year. I, for one, can’t wait for an invite to next year’s party.  Great night of good fun RnFnR!

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