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Halestorm 2

The second night of the tour was upon us and we were in Birmingham, The home of Metal, most may say. You could feel the anticipation building in the air in and around the NIA. There seemed to be even more excitement than the previous night or what appeared to be.

Halestorm opened the proceedings in the same way with the same set list, although Arejay upped the ante on the drums with his mad bad-ass skills. He decided to close his drum solo spectacular with a tease of Papa Roach, which continued with him singing to the crowd `Cut my life into pieces´ and the crowd obliged by singing back `This is my last resort´  After this point, I don’t think Birmingham quite knew what had hit them.

Shinedown followed by exploding onto the stage with Devour. The crowd erupted as they continued with Sound Of Madness. The set list was practically the same as the previous night but in a different running order and it appeared to be more earth shattering.


At one point, Brent even singled out a girl on the barrier as it appeared she wasn’t enjoying herself with her head in her hands so he decided to mimic her and try to coax her into reacting.  I think it fell on deaf ears.

The crowd was surging forward before they had even finished their set, which meant by the time Alter Bridge come on, it will be intense and on a whole other level. Brent interacted a lot with the crowd as he always appears to do so now but we´ll talk more about that in part 3.

The lights went out and the crowd screamed so hard, Alter Bridge appeared and graced the room with their almighty presence. There literally wasn’t any space to move. I was crushed up to the barrier as the crowd were ravenous for them.

The set list was the same as Nottingham but Myles mentioned to the crowd that they had been stupid to take out Metalingus and Watch Over You. The fans spoke and the band obliged, which just shows that they do listen and want to make their fans happy. So Cry A River was replaced with Metalingus and Birmingham had an extra song in the form of Watch Over You, that took the set to 18 songs instead of 17 as the previous night.

AB 2

As soon as the crowd heard the intro to Metalingus all hell broke loose and It was great to have the Watch Over You acoustic back on the billing as, exactly like Myles said, it’s needed due to so much metal going on and he also likes to hear the crowd sing along. The atmosphere was out of this world. You definitely felt apart of something special in that moment.

An even better show than opening night as all the tweaks had been tweaked and they were getting into their groove. At this point, Nottingham AND Birmingham were immense in their own ways respectively and we hadn’t even touched on Wembley yet, so if these are to go by then Wembley is going to be literally off the charts.

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