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Wembley loomed in the air and you could feel the high energy that was building around show day. Alter Bridge have played here and filmed their concert DVD here 3 years ago, but it’s still an iconic day in any fans eyes as it is steeped in so much history.

Halestorm went about their business in the same manner and don’t get me wrong they are a talented band but I personally wouldn’t go and see them headline as I got my fix at these shows and that’s enough for me.

They most definitely made their presence known and if you didn’t know who Halestorm were then you most certainly do now.

Up next came Shinedown. They were full of energy and made sure that Wembley felt their full force. By this point tho I was just wishing that Brent would cut the chat and sing more.

Okay, I totally understand that they don’t design these shows for fans to attend multiple shows, but in this day and age, there are actually more than you think who like to experience what we all like to call tour times.

It wasn’t just at these shows where I heard the same spiel as Brent said exactly the same, give or take at these shows I’d been to previously. It’s great the first and second time you hear but it starts to wear thin. They could’ve easily got 2 if not 3 more songs in if they took it out.

I go to a show to hear music not to listen to a form of preaching. If I wanted to go to church then I would. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that he connects to the audience and they are a great band but something has changed.

Overall they were great musically as always, people were saying that they were the best band of the night, now this I don’t agree with but hey, everyone to their own.

The audience rumbled and energies were high, it was time for Alter Bridge to tear this joint up.

They were outstanding, I can see them growing from strength to strength each show, getting back into their unit as a band. No changes to the set list tonight as it was the same as the previous night in Birmingham. Myle’s mentioned the social media storm so that’s why they had included Metalingus and the Watch Over You acoustic again.

The atmosphere was electric and they held the crowd until the very end. All went according to plan until the encore of Slip To The Void, where Myles forget some of the lyrics but as ever the professional didn’t let it phase him, he laughed it off and carried on.

All in all a great show yet again and they deserve all the success that they get. I’m seeing the O2 in the horizon.

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