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Highline Ballroom, NYC. 4th May

With Acoustic shows it hard to know what to expect especially when you have a hard rock/metal band in the driving seat.

The anticipation was growing as each person gathered outside this quaint venue. It was a well thought affair with the main floor being clear of tables, so that their hardcore contingent could get right up front. There were tables at the back and sides and also on the balcony above for the fans who wanted to enjoy a spot of food while watching Sevendust do their thing on stage.

The concept of the show itself was great as there was no support, so it literally was an evening with Sevendust. This was an absolute delight for the fans/Sevendust family.

Once inside the venue, there wasnt long to wait before the guys hit the stage and graced us with so much love. It was a high emotionally charged show that bought Lajon and the audience to tears at times. Even, I, Myself was overcome with emotion. the show held so much beauty and shined so bright all the way through.

They took us right back in time, opening with Trust, Prayer, Crucified and Xmas Day before bringing it back to the present day with one of the new tracks from Time Travelers & Bonfires, Under It All to the delight of the crowd.

No matter whether it was classic Sevendust or one of the new tracks, the audience sang their hearts out throughout to the delight of Witherspoon.

The Wait stood out for me the most. The song was written about the passing of guitarist, John Connolly´s father and singer, Lajon Witherspoon also dedicated it to his little brother who was killed back in 2003. There was so much energy in the room and emotions were running very high. everyone related to this song in their own personal way for those important people who have been lost.  With tears streaming down his face, he continued to sing his heart out with so much passion.

The band worked their way through many more fan favorites before throwing in this cover of a cover `Hurt´ which they dedicated to the late, Johnny Cash.

We even got to enjoy a little taste of Fleetwood Mac´s `The Chain´ and Stevie Nicks `Edge of Reason´ and a little of Van Halen´s `Jump´ to the joy of the packed out crowd.

The show was full of passion, intimacy and so much emotion that I have never experienced before at an acoustic show. There were no fancy technical lighting or props, it was simplistic yet so effective.

It was raw, pure and stunning which left a mark on my soul.

Clint NY

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