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`Fight in order to be free´ these are the first words that really stood out to me at the beginning of this inspiring documentary.

We flashback to 2008, 30 Seconds To Mars had been on the road for over two years and they had just headed back to LA to begin work on their third album.

After a decade of struggling, they had finally achieved more success than they could have ever imagined and the band had decided to make a film about the making of This Is War.

Sounds perfect, right!?

Well unfortunately it turned to into something much more, It turned into their worst nightmare.

The band found out that they were being sued for 30 million dollars by their then record label EMI.

So instead of scrapping the film idea, the band opened up their lives to us and continued to film their fight against this lawsuit, but even with this hanging in the air. They decided to start making This Is War anyway without any help from EMI. They were going to fund it themselves.

This documentary opens the viewers eyes to the harsh truths of the music industry and how its become decimated due to illegal downloads. Basically people are listening to music, but just not buying, which is a very scary thought indeed.

When did it become okay to steal music!?

The question looms in the air for the viewer to comprehend.

The film captures the contrast between the exciting experience of making a new album against the unthinkable stressful situation of being sued. It covers every aspect of the story from both sides and it keeps you gripped until the rolling credits.

It shows the band toiling with the tough decision of taking the settlement or to deny it. It also opens up Jared´s struggle of doing what is right personally and professionally. You can relate to this on some level from having to make certain decisions in your own lives. You empathize with him completely.

The documentary takes us through to 2009 following the continued progression of the album and to the band finally agreeing to take the settlement.

Its powerful, gritty, inspiring and completely meaningful and gives you intimate access to Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars.

You thought that you understood what This Is War represented until now. It will blow your theory out of the water and it will have this whole new meaning from now on.

I highly recommend ARTIFACT, even if you aren´t a fan. It’s a MUST SEE.


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