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In the midst of the release for The Fallen State’s latest single “Four Letter Word”, We had chance to have a quick catch up with frontman Ben Stenning to find out more about him and what makes him tick.

“We all have a variety of influences in a wide range of rock genres, a lot of my influences come from great frontmen like Jacoby Shaddix, Mike Patton, or Corey Taylor -there’s something about the way they hold a crowd thats inspiring. Just after I joined the band; we all went to a gig together and had a good laugh, being there in the crowd gave me an insight into the sort of frontman I’d want to be and really changed the way I looked at putting on a live show as a opposed to just playing the songs to an audience and In regards to our music, We can express what we’re trying to put across better now, I suppose that just comes with time to develop your writing. Lyrically our latest EP starts in one place and ends in another, showing the progress of thought we had whilst writing it” Said Ben.

Ben also highlighted that the fans are a big part of the machine and achieving success…..

“As a frontman and as a musician appreciating your fans is a big thing for me; anyone who’s willing to travel to see you, spend their hard earned cash on merch, or has all the lyrics to your songs memorised deserves a lot of gratitude, we’d be nowhere without our fans so we always make time for them. And whilst we on the subject of fans…….We’ve got a lot of shows still to be announced this year, We’re heading out on a UK tour this July with Puddle of Mudd and Trapt, we have a few festival slots this summer, and have more shows in the pipeline. Check out our socials to keep up to date!” Continued Ben.

“You know, the internet has changed in a fantastic way, more bands can get themselves out there without the need for a label to push them on radio; for us the internet has been crucial to our progression as a band and to be honest, It’s all about social media in this day and age. It’s the world we live in and it’s helped us massively” Added Ben.


I posed the question to Ben that, if he had the chance to do things differently would he?

“If I had a time machine I’d do it the same all again. I’d maybe change a few live hiccups like falling off the stage onto half-naked guys dressed as the biker from Village People or stage diving into mosh pits, but to be fair they are great anecdotes to tell people and they will look great in my autobiography in years to come haha!” Said Ben.

Our time was coming to a close so before Ben dashed off, I had to throw a couple of fun questions in his direction and he obliged.

“If I could sit under a table and listen to two people talking, it would have to be Marilyn Manson and Steve Tyler.. could you imagine the stories those guys have! Also, a fight between Superman and Batman….Come on.. Superman would win hands down, is that even a question ?! Even though Batman is way cooler.. oh, but….Wonder Woman still kicks both their asses though!”

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