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I had chance to catch up with Chase Johnson a couple of weeks back to discuss Open Air Stereo´s debut `Primates´ and how it felt after so long to have it out there and how he wasn’t dwelling on the past. They most definitely have come along way as a band since appearing in Laguna Beach to selling out The Roxy to where they are today.

So here´s what the lead singer had to say for himself.

Johnson said in regards to the band´s debut finally being released in May of this year. `It feels like heaven on earth, to be honest. Every step had its beauty and I think most people forget that. It’s an ecstatic feeling 24/7. The release of this record was life affirming for me.

He continued ‘I think everything happens for a reason and I’m not one to go back in time, we’ve made mistakes along the way, other people that were representing us made mistakes too and now we have the most amazing team, we’re like one big happy family and we’re in it to win it. We love what we do and love performing our asses off.’

If you’ve not listened to ‘Primates’ then maybe you should give it a whirl as Johnson adds ‘Its like your first orgasm haha, No, I’m just kidding. I’m not saying this as its elevator music because its obviously not, but its easy listening. It can be liked by a broad spectrum of people, which is something I highly value in a record. I’ve heard from grandma’s that they dig it to 15 year old boys and girls saying that they love it. Its straight forward Alternative Rock.’

Johnson continued to surprise me when he told me about the music that he listens to. ‘The Beatles, Oasis, I love Incubus, The Stones. I love a lot of UK music and lately I’ve been listening to The 1975. We love everything from the UK, The UK pumps out crazy musicians and I’ve always told my mom that she should have found a British man so I could of been an even better writer.’

When asked whats next for Open Air Stereo, the reply was simple. ‘World Domination’

We closed the call with Johnson telling me about how they guys had Europe in their sights, ‘Are you kidding me, We want to go to Europe so fucking bad, It ridiculous. We want the whole world to hear Open Air Stereo.’

Primates is available now.

Chase Johnson

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