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Clint Lowery is set to release his latest Hello Demons Meet Skeletons EP `Choices´on October 22. As well as the EP, Lowery is also releasing a limited edition deluxe of the complete HDMS series. Up to now these packages are nearly all sold out, So don’t hang about!

I was lucky enough to catch up with Clint last week to talk all things HDMS and how the project has nearly come to its conclusion.

An end of an era.

Where did the idea originally come from for HDMS?

I had just rejoined 7dust and knew it’d be awhile before we did a record, I came up with the name one day after realizing that while I was getting sober everything was coming to a head, my skeletons and demons were colliding. So the name was a cynical way to address that.

Who is your inspiration?

I’m inspired by many people- musically my dad, mom and brothers were huge, along with tons of artist- spiritually I lean on a lot of people who I choose not to mention

Are you excited to have your new EP Choices out soon?

Very excited- each time I release something it’s exciting to get feedback, good and bad. I think comments on a record after it’s been out a month or so are great research and guides into the fans minds.

Is this your last Hello Demons Meet Skeletons release?

This will be my last release under the name HDMS, Yes. It’s been an amazing outlet but it’s time to move on.

What made you decide you put out a complete deluxe package? and how did you decide what to include in the package?

My partner George Roskos and I wanted to do something special for the big supporters and we’re big fans of nice package presentations and decided to really give the people who were interested some bang for their buck. We brainstormed and spit balled via text many nights deciding what content to include in this.


Will we hear anymore solo material from yourself once the HDMS project is completed?

Yeah I plan on just being Clint Lowery from now on so I can play any tunes from any of the projects I’ve been involved in plus incorporate new material.

Are there any plans to do any live shows to promote the new EP?

I always want to do live shows but it’s difficult with the non stop 7d schedule. But I’ll find some time next year for sure

How would you describe the sound of the latest EP? Can we expect a different sound to the rest? 

It’s a lot like the Call Me No One project, mostly electric. Harder at times, but overall pretty chill in a sense. I think we covered such major ground on it. 6 songs total. Hope people dig it

How does it feel to have your own PRS signature model?

It’s a guitar players dream to have their own guitar. I’m so blown away that I have one.

Would you ever consider doing any European shows?

Of course but refer back to a couple answers ago ;)

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