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PusherJones burst onto the music scene with their EP back in January of this year and It sure as hell doesn’t look like their gonna be quiet about it either, what with their faithful PusherPatrol. They´re simply living the rock n roll dream and I was honored to actually get to spend some time with their bass player, Dominic. Who oozed the essence of a rock star and here´s what he had to say for himself.


Where did the idea for PusherJones come from?

One of the members, who shall remain nameless, became constipated after eating egg burritos from Del Taco for 22 days straight. After spending hours on the toilet he produced nothing but hemorrhoids and a smell that haunts us to this day. He called it the “Pusher Jones”. Deciding to not flush the entire experience down the toilet, we started a band.


What made you decide to create a cartoon virtual band?

Dave Kushner and Dave Warren (names changed to protect the innocent) were introduced by a mutual friend, Don Bernstine at a Chad Smith gig at The Baked Potato a few years back and discovered a mutual love of Qi Gong and mustard flavored cupcakes and decided to pair the two. When that failed, they decided to do the next best thing and started a dust bunny rescue ranch at a secret location in hills of Topanga. Unfortunately running a dust bunny rescue requires lots of money and often attracts a dangerous crowd with underworld connections; so in order to protect the bunnies from being exploited and trafficked they decided to form a “virtual” band. This would allow them to hide their true identities and remain anonymous, while still being able to raise the bunny money needed to run the ranch.


Are there any plans to release a full album in the near future?

Yes, but unfortunately, as you may know, dust bunnies and electronic equipment do not mix, and we are sorry to say that several bunnies have been lost in the process. This has slowed us down tremendously, but we are determined and hope to release a full album this year.


Will you guys be hitting the road at any point with a tour?

Actually we have been “hitting the road” with a taco truck that parks on Western Ave. in Koreatown. If that continues to go well and we sell enough Tacos de Buche we may follow it to other locations around Los Angeles.


Would you consider a European tour?

We would love to, but do you know how much it cost to ship a taco truck to Europe? Besides we won’t play there as long as Kim Jong Un is the head of the EU.


How would the format of a show work, would it be a show with the characters on screens or would it be the real musicians who back the characters up?

Basically we thought we would set up in an empty parking lot and invite our FB friends and Twitter followers to join us and bring chairs and picnic blankets. We are thinking about hiring a Psy impersonator and having him lip sync to the music while doing the “Gangnam Style” dance through the entire show. Really? Can anyone get enough of that?


How would you describe your sound?

ETCC (Electronic Tejano Cardio Crunch)


Did you all know each other before the start of this project?

It is rumored that one guy introduced another guy to his wife and another guy was the best man at his wedding, but it is also widely rumored that several members did time and may have met in prison after running with a gang of former child stars in and around Beverly Hills.


Who did you guys listen to while growing up?

Besides our parents doing things that have kept us all in therapy for years, Anne Murray, Phoebe Snow, Bobby Sherman, The Partridge Family, Dean Martin, The Bay City Rollers and anything by Minnie Pearl.


Who or what inspires you?

The list is endless. First and foremost Lupe who runs the taco truck, dust bunny foster parents everywhere, the guy who created Brett Michaels headband/hair piece, whoever is representing Lindsay Lohan at the moment, Scott Baio fans, the naked bear in the Charmin commercials, Dennis Rodman’s stylist, LinkedIn Updates, Honey Boo Boo, the woman who irons Simon Cowell’s tee-shirts, Los Luchadores, Rick Rubin’s personal chef, Lil’ Wayne’s lesser known uncle, R&B crooner, Medium Wayne and Bob.


Did the EP turn out how you had imagined it?

Relatively so considering it started out as a Double concept dance album in the vein of “Quadraphenia” and “Lose Your Illusion” entitled “Gangham Style” that explored the relationship between East L.A. gangs and pork products. After a lengthy copyright infringement battle with the living pork product, Ramen spokesman from Korea, who our attorney says we cannot name, we whittled it down to the 5 songs that ended up being released as the EP. Our only regret is that “Pork Party Polka” didn’t make the cut. We came up with a really awesome dance move to go along with it that would have been a hit at Quinceañeras for years to come.


Where did the name PusherJones come from?

We shit it out…well almost. See first question.


Finally…..One for fun :)


If you were stuck on a desert island and were allowed only one item, What would that item be?

An autographed photo of Mario Lopez.



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