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It’s the end of an era, it’s time to say goodbye and time to cherish the memories that were made at Bar Zambra.

Many friendships were created by people’s common love for music and musicians started their musical journeys here. Zambra was the place where my eyes were opened to the music scene in this area and that it’s very much alive and kicking.

Drinks were poured, guitars played and songs were sang in the many jam sessions that will held over the years. Whether you went solo or with friends, you always felt welcome no matter what. The wide spectrum of music whether it be rock, funk or heavy would take you over in the moment as the music started running through your veins.

Bar Zambra never failed to make me smile and I’m grateful for everything it has given me. It’s sad to say goodbye but it’s the beginning of a new chapter and the only thing left to say is….

Thanks for the memories.

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