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The hard rock legends that are, Black Label Society, fronted by guitar legend, Zakk Wylde, have announced Unblackened, a special one off gig. This show will be something that the band has never explored before and something fresh for their legions of fans. The show will include intimate versions of some of the band’s most popular songs, as well as from Wylde´s best selling solo record Book of Shadows and southern rock band Pride & Glory. Wylde will feature on guitar and piano, alongside the members of Black Label Society, Which will also feature a four-piece string section. This is going to be a night to pencil into your diaries, but never fear, if you can’t attend, do not panic, it will be broadcast live via AXS TV and a CD/DVD package will be released later this year.

 It seizes to amaze me, when you mention the name Zakk Wylde and people turn to me and say, never heard of him. Are you kidding me!?

Zakk Wylde has established himself the world over as a guitar icon, winning almost every guitar award known. Not too shabby for a guy who used to work in a gas station before a certain guy who goes by the name of Ozzy Osborne hired him for his band. From there on he’s led multi-platinum success, followed by the creation of the now iconic Black Label Society.

So when I got offered to interview THE Zakk Wylde, I didn’t know what to expect, He’s a legend in my eyes so as I dialled the number and anticipated that maybe someone else would answer the phone before connecting me through to Zakk, I continued to wait with bated breath before what happened next, This I totally didn’t expect…..


Zakk screaming down the phone at me!!

Well that was the BEST hello ever!!

I continued with….`I’m guessing this is Zakk´ before we both laughed out loud and from that moment on it wasn’t like I was speaking to one of the most skilled guitar icons in the world, Just a down to earth, fun guy who I had called for a casual catch up, like we were old buddies. The thoughts of Zakk ‘THE LEGEND’ Wylde with his iconic status that I had imagined in my mind had disappeared and thoughts of Zakk Wylde, awesome beer loving dude, just doing what he loves, sprang to mind. ….


 ´We wanted to put something that was different out there, Instead of another Hard Rock piece, Instead of it being something heavy like we always do, We thought an acoustic show would work really well for the DVD and be something completely different. It’s like putting a movie out on DVD that’s 3 hours long really, so the idea of putting on a show that is longer than half an hour isn’t going to fail. We just really wanted to give our fans something new.´

 Wylde adds. `There were definitely ideas for taking it on the road but what with the four piece string section, Piano and everything surrounding it, it would be too much, so this is why we wanted to capture in on DVD for everyone to see.´

 The show is going to be old classics rejuvenated in a different style and arrangement.

`Yeah, Its going to be way cool, I do them in my house on the piano, which is always a fun time, You know…You can take a song that you’ve played a thousands times and rearrange it and suddenly the sound is something fresh, which is why the show is going to be a real good time, Something completely different for the fans and something that I’m REALLY looking forward to! ´

 Wylde reminisces and explains how he is blessed with everything he has worked for and what he probably would have been if Ozzy hadn’t taken that chance.

`Actually aside from being an official beer taster, which is I know is hard to believe ha-ha! This was the only goal from the beginning. This is all I ever wanted to be, so it’s great to have the freedom to do what you love and to have the ability to show people, I’m truly blessed without a doubt to have gotten this far.´

Zakk also spoke of his good friend Dee Snider and the building excitement of Snider’s roast at NAMM

`Yeah totally, without a doubt! It’s going to be beyond hysterical, everyone is always taking the piss out of each other and Dee loves taking the piss out of himself. We never take ourselves too seriously and the roasting´s are always great fun, like one big party full of good friends. They’re just hysterical and sooo much fun to be involved in! ´

`REALLY looking forward to it, it’s going to be so much fun. The whole night is always fun and to be fair last year should have been the roasting of Scott Ian as he was getting in on the fun too, It was sooo hysterical and we had so much fun, I think we should have them all the time, I love them!

This is where it all came to a close and we said our goodbyes, the one thing that really stood out to me is when Zakk said ‘Always a pleasure’

A hilariously, funny down to earth rock icon with manners….Cant get any better than that!






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