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Yesterday, we had Dom´s top ten albums of 2013 and today is my turn. My list is a little different. I’ve decided to go against the grain of just producing a list of rock/metal albums of the year.

I’ve kept the genre open and done an overall list of my top albums from 2013. Most of you may not dig this but what can I say, other than…I LOVE music!

In descending order…

10) Dead Man´s Ransom- Three Chords and The Truth


9) The 1975 – Self titled


8) Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience Parts 1 & 2


7) 30 Seconds To Mars – Love Lust Faith + Dreams

Love Lust Faith + Dreams

6) Sevendust – Black Out The Sun

Black Out The Sun cover

5) Man The Mighty – I Am Icarus

I am Icarus

4) Kings Of Leon – Mechanical Bull


3) Eminem – MMLP2


2) Queens Of The Stone Age – ….Like Clockwork

Like Clockwork cover

1) Alter Bridge – Fortress


Honorable mentions to….

Heavens Basement, HDMS, Scott Stapp and Mallory Knox who just failed to make the cut.

2013 has been a GREAT year for music of all genres and lets see if 2014 can knock 2013 out of the ball park.

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