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On the second last night of their debut UK tour, I caught up with Crobot at Glasgow’s O2 ABC venue.  This four piece from Pennsylvania, USA caught my attention a few months back with their debut EP so I was keen to see their live set.

The boys were playing the support slot, never an easy gig, and the small venue was disappointingly empty. Undeterred,Crobot took to the stage and launched headlong into their set opener Legend of a Spaceborne Killer. Their huge live sound filled the hall instantly with high energy pounding rock music. This opening number certainly caught the attention of all present- even those lurking way off to the side at the bar!

Without pausing for breath, Crobot moved straight into Skull of Geronimo. Jake Figueroa’s passion for his bass was plain for all to see as he gave a stunning performance during this one. Great display of head banging too!

Recent single Nowhere To Hide followed a few minutes later. Another first class high energy performance from the four musicians.

For me personally the highlight of the set was La Mano de Lucifer. Despite the cramped conditions on the tiny stage Brandon Yeagley, in his trademark floral shirt and waistcoat,gave 1000% to his vocals on this one, as he did on every song. La Mano de Lucifer was just that little bit sharper – awesome performance! Loved every second of it!

Their all too short set ended after half an hour with Fly On The Wall.  Any flies or cobwebs had long since been blown away by these guys!

All in all Crobot gave it everything they had in quite challenging conditions. Restricted lighting (red is not a good colour for photography!) and a distinct lack of stage space – I’m sure my dining room table is bigger perhaps clipped their wings a little. It was disappointing that the audience remained small throughout the set, although it did expand considerably. Playing to a fair amount of empty floor space can’t be pleasant especially not when you’ve 3000 miles for the pleasure. Ever the professionals, Crobot didn’t let it bother them. They shone and performed as though they were the headline act. I wish they had been. Hurry back, boys!

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