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The day was the 2nd February 2013, It was very cold  in Copenhagen, Denmark but it wasn’t just any ordinary day, It was the beginning of a whirlwind adventure and to be more precise, It was opening night of the Tremonti tour and i could smell the anticipation looming in the air. The time came and I found a perfect spot on the rail right in the middle in front of Mr Mark Tremonti and what can i say about that night….WOW!! The guys were on the top of their game and they blew the roof right off the Amager Bio.

It was this small great venue, Which meant the guys really connected with the crowd. Mark never seizes to amaze me with his guitar skills, There he was in front of me shredding like he means business and he never backed down for one second. He´s a powerful player and most certainly knows his way around a fret board.

Eric (Erock) Friedman definitely has some mighty fine skills too. I love how he can throw in the blues and it makes him so unique with his style and you can see that he puts everything into his playing just like the rest of the guys and never falters any step of the way.

When Garrett Whitlock is sat behind his set of drums, You can see he puts everything into it and I always find myself in awe while watching him and his playing style. People can see straight away why i´ve labelled him the Jon Bonham of our era. Garrett is one of the best drummers around at the moment in my opinion.

Last but not least Wolfgang Van Halen, Who is a total legend in his own right and at such a young age. People first think, Well he´s only where he is because his daddy is Eddie Van Halen but YOU¨RE WRONG! Wolf has worked so hard to get to where he is now and its paid off, He is not just an awesome bassist but overall amazing musician who, i feel has made Tremonti a better band with his added skills.

All together these four guys mold together perfectly and it shows….

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 WOW!!!! What can i say about Milan….This was a whole different experience to Copenhagen. FYI the fans are completely mental!

The atmosphere was electric and you could feel the rumblings in the crowd as we waited for the godlike presence of Tremonti to hit the stage. The guys killed it like they have always done and i got this sense of strength from them which showed a stronger band to the hoards of die hard fans.

Mark even got the crowd chanting ole ole ole…Which made me chuckle but at the same time showed his connection and the power he has over the Italians and also that he is proud of his Italian heritage.

Overall a stronger show and all I can say is….

Bring on round 3!

I actually saw the craziness of the Italians while waiting outside after the show with my friends. As soon as the guys took one step outside, The fans surrounded and mobbed them especially Mark who couldn’t even move. Everyone wanting a photo or an autograph or even just a moment with their Italian idol. There wasn´t even any real security, Which scared me cos I felt for the guys even though I knew nothing bad would happen.

Fast forward to round 3 in Wolverhampton and this show was another step up from Copenhagen and Milan. At this point the guys had performed another two shows between me seeing them in Milan and Tremonti arriving in the UK.

The show was KILLER yet again, These guys never seize to amaze me and keep going from strength to strength. Every time i see them in front of me on that stage, Its like the first time all over again and gives me tingles.

The atmosphere was insane and what can i say that i haven’t already!

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I´ve heard on the grapevine that the guys have some ideas down for the next album which is going to be a lot heavier than All I Was. Mark is going back into the studio to produce the new AB record in April and an AB tour will follow in the fall. Tremonti are hopefully going to tour again after the AB tour at some point.

Anyway enough of my digressing. I actually thought it couldn’t get any better than it did, But hold ya horses folks because, yep, that´s right, You´ve guessed it….IT DID….in EDINBURGH!!

The Scot´s were mental and actually reminded me a bit of the good ole Italians in that respect. The show had been moved to a bigger venue due to demand, So from the starting post, You knew it was going to be different and for me it was one of the best shows of the tour for the atmosphere and well thinking about it, The whole package was pretty epic.The guys just kept getting stronger by the show, Which lead to each show being more explosive than the last.

It was a quick journey over to Manchester for the show the following night and for me, This is up there with Edinburgh as one of the best shows. It was so so good and totally explosive. One that will join Edinburgh in the history books me thinks.

Off i sped to London for the final show. I Couldn´t quite believe it was here already, Its like the saying….Time flies when ya having fun!

Everybody in the Electric Ballroom went mental but it just didn’t have that edge, like what Manchester and Edinburgh did. Don´t get me wrong, The guys gave a totally killer and memorable show like the rest but in my opinion there was something different about it that didn’t match up to the previous two shows.

Overall it has been an experience of a lifetime and i wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I find with Tremonti that you can totally immerse yourself in the music and it never gets stale. So I will leave you with these final words….


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