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Starset, Fearless Vampire Killers and In This Moment.
Wolverhampton 4/3/15

There was quite a chill in the air in Wolverhampton as everybody waiting in line were anxious to get inside before their toes froze off.

Once inside, everybody started to feel the warmth as Starset took to the stage. It´s the first time Starset have entertained Europeans crowds and it showed a little (their CD only came out in Europe two and half months ago).The crowd were slow getting started in that respect but it didn´t take long for the Starset effect to take hold.

A Starset show is very cinematic and artistic and I love that it´s a show with a difference. I fell upon Starset while on vacation in New York last May, as they were supporting Devour The Day and to be honest… I´ve been hooked ever since.

They put on such an energetic show as they hit full throttle and giving it their all. They definitely left an impact on the crowd by the end of their short but sweet set.

Dustin explained about The Starset Society, how they have a novel coming out soon and that there´s more to it than just the music. He also added that it questions about future technologies which left an aura of intrigue in its path.

Such a GREAT overall show and I. personally, can´t wait until they come back again. I think that it should´ve been Fearless Vampire Killers on first and Starset in the middle or maybe that´s just me being biased?


 Up next were Fearless Vampire Killers and they weren’t anything special. The Vocals were poor to be honest and they appeared very over dramatic throughout which gave off a very camp look as they kept playing with their hair.

I expected gloomy goth´s and got camp looking boys. half of the crowd seemed to be totally into it but then again, it looked like it was the younger age group.

Maria Brink

In This Moment finally hit the stage and boy, they sure know how to put on a show!!  It was absolutely mesmerizing. I couldn´t keep my eyes off Maria Brink throughout.

 I didn’t know what to expect from this show as I had been told that Maria just stands there and sings. Afterwards I thought to myself,  er….which show did they go to!?

Maria sang, danced and seductively moved her way through the show to the pure delight of the crowd. It was smoking from start to finished as they worked their way through `Sick Like Me, Black Widow, Sex Metal Barbie and `Whore´ etc.

An amazing overall `SHOW´ that kept you entertained and left you wanting more.

Words By Haylee Roebuck

Photo Credits: Haylee Roebuck

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