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Varna is a female fronted band, who formed in LA back in 2010. Band members consist of Tiana Woods on vocals, Rossen Pinkas on guitar and Rob Shin on drums.

In late 2012, the band recorded `This Time, Its Personal´ EP with Rock producer Erik Ron, who is best known for his work with Panic at the Disco, Saosin and I the Mighty.

Within two weeks of the release of the first single `Down´ they were added to radio stations all across the US and the UK.

The band keep growing from strength to strength with their mix of commercial pop vocals accompanied by hard rock guitars, their songs emotional lyrics deal with the ups and downs of life, making sure that the end result is always uplifting.

Check Varna out today!

Their EP is available for download on iTunes.

Find out a little more about these guys in our upcoming interview.


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