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So once upon a time, Creed were on the top their game and they had the world at their feet but that was before it all went awry. So where did it all come so disconnected?

The band broke up back in 2004, citing tensions between the band and Scott Stapp. From there they all went on to do their own projects, Stapp released a solo record while Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall formed a new band Alter Bridge with lead singer Myles Kennedy.

The world thought it was a done deal….No more Creed, but then in 2009 the band reunited for a new tour and new album. This came as a surprise as the world looked on. At the time the band cited that Full Circle wouldn’t be the last that the fans would hear of Creed but fast forward to the present day in 2013….

There´s a more drama in this saga…

Head over to and you are now greeted with Scott Stapp, Coming Soon…

Looks like its now Stapp´s official site for his solo project without any word or reason for the fans. Tremonti tweeted that is was insulting to the fans when told about this and rightly so.

So what do you think….Is this the final nail in the coffin for the Creed chapter, Is there more going on behind closed doors?

What´s your opinion….


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