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News floating in from the Sixx Am Camp is that the third album is in full swing and writing is going well.


The band made up of James Micheal , Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba are producing new music after a break and success with The Heroin Dairies and This Is Gonna Hurt.

Fans world wide hope for a tour on this album as do we at Phoenix


Nikki Posted a Statement Via SIXX Am`s Facebook Page:

“Spent the morning at the Schecter factory choosing colors for my new bass for Motley’s Australian tour..We went with vintage white,tobacco sunburst,metallic red and satin black to start. Thank you for your input…The rest of the day and night was spent at home writing new Sixx:A.M. music with James Michael.Were really finally at work our third album.We do have a name for the album but i assume it will probably change ( like most of the music )….

More music tomorrow….”


Picture from James Micheal`s Instagram

Picture from James Micheal`s Instagram



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