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Imagine sitting alone for six years and a 16 track recording studio being your only friend, twisting your mind trying to find that perfect sound. That`s exactly how it was for a young Tom Scholtz, searching to create a perfect sound by night whilst working for a large blue chip company by day. Boston still has a massive following in the USA, they still stack up there as having one of the biggest selling debut albums of all time, racking up sales of 17 million plus and still selling strong to this day. But why did so many pass up the chance to take this unknown band on and release their record?


Tom a graduate from MIT searched for bands in the local area for many years trying to connect with and build a fellowship with many musicians along the way. It was in a band Mothers Milk that he met Bradley Delp, Delp a coffee machine engineer helped guide the Boston recording process into the eyes of Epic Records. In 1976 the world was taken aback with the first album, a mere 6 years in the making. The song more than a feeling blew up the charts and Boston was born hitting the road on tour and living the rock n roll lifestyle Tom and Brad had searched for in the darkness of the basement studio. The more the record sold the bigger the venues got, Sports clubs turned to arenas, 1000 people turned to 10`000 and Boston became a success and the biggest American bands of the seventies. Epic wanted more and pushed Tom for a new album, Tom always searching and always trying to find that perfect sound sat back and waited working with ideas but still Epic knocked on the door.

In 1978 a 29 minute album was released a year late but still it came out, Don`t Look Back followed where Boston left and sold in excess of 7 million records. Tom was never happy with the album stating ” Next Time I`m Not Going To Listen To Anybody” Still the touring continued, Japan, Europe and the USA all wanted a part of the Boston experience. Boston JapanThe band started to crack and at this point Tom wanted no more and was ready and willing to give up the dream of becoming a rock star. Lawsuits and other mayhem followed in the next years and Boston fans would have to wait till 1986 to hear from the band again. Third Stage came out in September of that year and going platinum four times over, giving the world the super smash hit balled “Amanda”.  Still the world wanted this band and still they flocked in there droves to see them selling out time after time. The nineties pushed and after many legal battles and millions changing hands in lawsuits all looked good for Tom and hit band. Until the day Brad tendered his resignation throwing his hat into RTZ. Tom turned to ex drummer and Boston friend Fran Cosmo to take over the reigns on the 1994 follow up to third stage. Walk On got its release on the MCA/Giant Label, the heavy guitar driven album pushed more towards the debut release and the band sounding strong planned to tour the album. With RTZ stalling at the front gates Brad Delp rejoined Boston and the tour set in motion a double fronted band with new energies and wiser aging head.

The band got itself a Greatest Hits collection released at the turn of the new millennium,3 new tracks added to the album and a collection of hits proved to sell well. In 2004 the band released Corporate America, the bands only release of new music in the noughties seemed to fall flat on its face. Released on former Nirvana`s manager Danny Goldberg`s label the album sold badly and disappeared without so much as a sniff at going platinum. STill the band toured and still people went to see them.


On March 9,2007 tragedy struck the Boston world when Bradley Delp took his own life at his home in new hampshire. He was found by his fiancee Pamela Sullivan. Brad left several notes around the house and killed himself via carbon monoxide poisoning, the Boston world was in shock and so was Tom and the rest of the band. The band set up a charity and played a benefit show , many past members of the band joining the stage to pay tribute to not only one of rocks nice guys but also one of the best voices.

Still Boston play to this day, still people flock to see them. Will Tom ever find the perfect sound and with rumors of new albums and songs in the works only time will tell. But for me and the rest of the music world its great to sit back and play more than a feeling or smokin. To enjoy the tales from dont look back, and to be on the third stage with a band that have made some of musics greatest songs. So to the future of Boston we may never know but for the past its all there in the wax.

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