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I’ll admit to having been like an over excited teenager on the way to this show. I’ll also admit to having been very nervous when, five minutes before the doors opened, there were only seven of us in the queue!

Ok, so it was a chilly Tuesday evening in Glasgow – seemed like the perfect night for a rock show to me!

Half an hour later there was a small but rapidly growing crowd gathered round the middle of the room as Massive blasted their way onto the O2 ABC2’s small stage for their Glasgow debut. They launched headlong into “Burn The Sun” and gave a scorching performance to stamp their authority on proceedings.

Unusually for a Glasgow crowd, most folk were hanging back a bit from the barrier but, with their set opener under their belts, front man Brad Marr encouraged everyone to step forward and into the Massive “fold”. With the barrier now filled and more rock fans piling in, Massive continued their set with “Hollywood”. Another giant of a song that filled the venue with top notch R’n’R fit for a Sunset Strip venue.

It may have only been Massive’s second gig of their debut UK tour but it didn’t show.

“Lacey” and “Dancefloor” followed and by now these Aussie boys had won over the hearts of the Glasgow crowd. Absolutely loved Aidan McGarrigle’s bass work on “Dancefloor”!

The highlight of the show for me came next – “Ghost”. I’ll confess to being totally biased here as I love this song! My favourite track from Massive’s debut album “Full Throttle”.(If you’ve not bought it – check it out!) The band didn’t disappoint. With a more a capella intro than I’d imagined, Brad Marr’s vocal talents shone through on this one.  It was obvious that the band enjoyed playing this one too and, after a pause for more beer and a brief “blether” with the crowd, they launched into a high energy reprise of the song. Suddenly the mood changed and it was a RnFnR show!

Having moved up a gear Massive stormed their way through “One by One” before it was time to bring it all to a close with “Now or Never”.

Massive’s time is most definitely now. Passion, talent, energy, enthusiasm plus a smattering of Aussie charm and a spray of beer for good measure made for the perfect opening act to kick start an awesome night of RnFnR!

Two minor criticisms – firstly, if I was planning the show, I’d switch the two support acts round and put Massive on second (and I mean no disrespect to any of the bands involved here and my opinion is based purely on crowd reaction on the night). Secondly, it was all too short. I look forward to the day, in the near future, when these talented young men return as the headliners and reward the crowd with a full set.

 Move on about half an hour after their set was done and Massive’s front man walked through the hall wearing a Scottish Saltire flag as a super hero cloak and headed straight to the bar. This charismatic front man has succeed where many have failed – he’s stolen the hearts of the Scottish fans.Slainte!

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