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I had chance to catch up with Mick Coll of Logan recently and we discussed their new album, why its so important to them and whats next for band.

 How is progress coming on with the new album? Is there a release date as yet?

 No dates as yet but the album is pretty much done. We just now want to live with it for a while and make sure it’s the best it can be. We are loving it but this album is really important and we’re not rushing it just to get it out quickly.

 How´s the chemistry working with the three new members of the band?

 It couldn’t be better. When recruiting it was first and foremost about the people. You live in each other’s pockets when you’re in a band so the people had to be right, after that came their musicianship. We got really really lucky on both fronts. Great people and truly world class musicians. I think we could trawl the country up and down, left to right and we couldn’t have gotten better guys.

 Do you prefer playing festivals or venues?

 As Logan we love the challenge of winning people over. This is best at festivals because a large chunk of the crowd usually haven’t heard of you. We played Hard Rock Hell last night and you’re up there in front of several thousand people. The first few songs were quite cold and you can feel the crowd almost saying “Come on then, Impress me” however for the last three songs, ‘Make No Mistake’, ‘Resurrect Me’ and ‘When I Get Down’ the entire place had their hands in the air singing along. For us that’s a victory and that’s what we love to do.

   Is there any plans in the pipeline for a tour to promote the new album?

 There is a lot of planning going on right now. Some things are confirmed and some aren’t but we will unveil everything when the time is right. We’re excited though.

  Who did you listen to while growing up?

 I liked American rock bands mainly. One of the first songs I can remember loving was Poison by Alice Cooper. That opened me up to Metallica and then along came Nirvana and that really changed my life. That opened me up to that whole Seattle scene and I guess that is where my musical heart is.

Who are your inspirations?

 Anyone that has succeeded against the odds and chased their dream to the very end.

 What was it like having the opportunities to tour with Alter Bridge and then Tremonti?

 We’ve been playing with Alter Bridge since 2004. It is an amazing thing. Mark is one of my guitar heroes and the fact that he is such a great person is a bonus. We always have a great time on tour with those guys, they are great role models for any band coming up through the ranks today. Work hard, write great material, work hard, play your instrument well, work hard and work even harder. That’s what they’ve done and it’s an inspiration.

What do you like to get up to in your down time?

 Not much to be honest. I’m a big TV fan. There are so many good shows coming out these days that it’s hard to keep up. When I’m not with Logan my favourite thing to do is pretty much just chill out at home.

  How would you describe your sound?

 This is something we joke about in the band a lot. There are so many crazy genres out there these days that it has stopped making sense to me:  “Post Hardcore Grind Metal”, “Electro Death Post Grunge Pop”. I don’t know, I’m a traditionalist. Logan to me is just a Hard Rock band. If you like Rock / Hard Rock and aren’t too worried about what pigeonhole you belong to, you would probably like us.

 You were unsigned for a long time, Have you now signed with a record label or still going it alone?

 Our big label experience wasn’t great. Today Logan is pretty much independent label wise, although we have great management. We’re not sure whether this next album will come out on a third party label or via our in house setup. There are pros and cons to both aspects.

  Apart from the album, What´s next for Logan?

 Something between global domination and rehearsing once a week. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Thanks for taking the time out to chat to us Mick and we look forward to hearing the new album very soon.







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