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 We all wish for that one place that is as passionate about music as we are and well, I’m blessed to say that I have found that place in…..

Pachamama Rock.

Some people probably will see it as ‘just’ a bar but, its more than that. Its like a church where the congregation gather to worship….and this case, its where they go to worship live music.

Cusha Funk! kicked off September’s splendid line up of live bands on the 9th. There was such a great atmosphere, the crowd were a sea of bodies that couldn’t get enough. The band, who are four parts O’Funkillo – Pepe Bao (Bass) Cristo Fontecilla (Guitar) Miguelito Lamas (Drums) and Ricky Teclados (Keyboard) with Manu Mart of Estirpe on vocals were on top form as a fantastic night followed. The band knocked out song after song. Manu Mart made such an impression that I’m currently listening to Estirpe as I type and I’m also going to see them live on their upcoming tour.


The Pepe Bao Trio were next up on Saturday 10th and unfortunately I missed this due to work commitments but I heard only great things from this night. Up next were La Nariz De Sinatra on the 16th and another great night was had with Rock, Blues and their perfect groove. A very guitar driven band who didn’t disappoint.


Atomica were meant to perform on the 23rd but unfortunately the concert got cancelled but, this didn’t ruin the mood as TEA played the following night and WOW!! Such a great live band! They had me mesmerised from the first chord. Rock and Blues to the max with this band who have so much groove and flow. The best moment of the night was their rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Free Bird’. It’s by far the best cover version that I’ve heard of this timeless classic. It absolutely took my breath away. TEA are a band who never fail to make you grin from ear to ear.


Alman Cave closed September’s programme of concerts and it was one of the best gigs that I have been to this year. Precise tight drumming teamed with groove filled guitars that never slowed pace. One of highlight of the night was having Peter Ezra Smith sing and play guitar on a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’. It was the perfect way to bring September and the ‘Summer’ to its close.


Every band were amazing in their own way and all I can say is, roll on April when we can do this all again.

Our shared passion for music (whether it be live or not) brings us all together for moments of true bliss and nobody can take that away from us, Pachamama or anybody in between.

We live for music.


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