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Justin Coppolino is known worldwide for starring on the TV show `Tattoos After Dark´ although he has been in the music industry for a hell of a lot longer. Justin is a musician first off and being a talented tattoo artist is another string to his bow. He allowed us to delve further in as we found out where it all began for him musically.

“So before I even started this whole Next Planet project, Still Standing was my first band with my twin brother and it will always be my first love. We started that in 1998 and after getting the record deal and doing the whole scene. I realized that I wanted to do my own thing, to step aside and do my OWN project. I thought about going through the whole Kickstarter route and to be honest, I could go either way. I have a label that might want to release the Next Planet music but with Kickstarter, I´ve heard that its really difficult because if you don´t match your quota or get any money whatsoever. I believe its harder to start than it sounds. I´m not opposed to it as I´d love to just release my music any way I can. Right now, I release my songs via SoundCloud but its not available for download because I´ve signed a publishing deal in Nashville. I´m basically tied to a bunch of people and other people that have written songs with me, So I don´t really know what to do right now. All I know is, I just want to keep the hype up and then put out an EP or release a record as I know people want to purchase it, Its just…I don´t have a lot of help, I´m doing it all on my own and its just kind of difficult.”

Although Justin is focused on Next Planet, He continues to explain that his first band Still Standing is kind of on an indefinite hiatus.

“We still sell the record and I mean, Yes. we are still together and all we need to do is find a drummer because the band is really myself and my brother. We could go out and play a show right now. I mean we´ve played so many shows and we´ve toured with Alice Cooper. We have done so much with that band and we can definitely go out and do it again but we just need to find a drummer because our drummer…..we love him to death but he has a kid now and he kind of got over it, which is so weird but we spent a lot of money, sweat and tears for this band, traveled a cross country and everything and I don´t think we ever reached our goal and that was, to be able to survive playing our music and live out in LA and It didn´t happen so we had to move on and do our own thing. Billy (whose in Next Planet with Justin) was actually in Still Standing a long time ago, like when we first started and he was a guitar player. He kind of had to move on to survive as he wasn´t making any money, but we stayed friends throughout all those years so I asked him if he would be willing to come out to Cali to join the new project and the rest is history.” adds Justin.

As we delve deeper into Justin´s life, he opens up to us and tells us about how everything came to be.

“So I´m 34 and I think I was 14 or 15 when I decided that I wanted to go into music but then I actually started skateboarding. My father was more of an inspiration to play music so I kind of stopped a little bit after he passed away but by the time I was 18 or 19, I had a band and that band was Still Standing. That was the only band we formed and so I knew from that day on I wanted to be a musician and try to succeed in it. But look at me, all my success has really come from a TV show to be honest with you. All this success has come from me apprenticing for a year to tattoo and not making any money and riding around on a little scooter to the tattoo shop every day. I´m from Phili, I didnt have any money and the band came out to Cali to see if we could make it happen and people were letting us stay on their couches and stuff and it just wasnt working. We weren´t making any money from playing music so that´s how the whole tattoo thing came about originally.”

To be continued….

Don´t miss out on part two coming soon!


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