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Welcome to the third and final part of our interview with Justin Coppolino, The Next Planet musician and tattoo artist continues to open up and reveals how he dreams to share a stage with Katy Perry.

“If I could share the stage with anybody right now, It would be Katy Perry. I dream about that a lot. If only she could hear one of my songs, I know she would love them. It would be amazing to support her.”

Talking of dreams, Justin continues to explain about never giving up on your dream….

“Don´t give up your day job, haha……. No, seriously. Don´t ever give up on it, Its a love/hate relationship. Its like a roller-coaster so be prepared and don´t have too many expectations. You need confidence to be in music but don´t let it get in your head and let you ego get in the way, You´ve really got to be passionate about it and my advice would be, just keep doing it and the more you play the better you become at it.”

“In the end, no one is perfect.”

Justin went on to explain a very personal song to him and his family in `I´m Not Perfect´

“That song wasn´t written about me, so I was singing it in the third person and I don´t know if my wife will get mad at me about this but I´m going to make it public. Her brother was struggling with heroin, you know..he´s a great guy and I love him to death. I actually saw him right before I wrote that song (that was my first trip to Nashville) So I had gone fishing with him to Seattle and everything was great with him, but then he took a turn for the worse. He´s great now and all cleaned up but he was really messed up at that time. Anyway…I had gone up to Nashville and I didn´t really have anything to work on but I had this riff and I couldn´t stop thinking about him, so I had to write about him and what was it like being in his shoes.”

Justin delves in and tells us about another song he wrote called `Tightrope´

“There´s four writers on that song, There´s me, Billy and the couple from Nashville and I´ve written a bunch of songs with these guys, as you know…. So anyway, I wanted to write a song about one individual person that everyone wants to see fail but there not like, hey… I hate you and I wanna see you fail. When the song was written, we had the idea of a video with a girl at the circus walking on a tightrope with everybody watching, but they´re expecting her to fall or fail. They´re wanting her too and its sickening. The point of the song is that, I´m going to catch you when you fall like, I´ll be your superman. Its another love song and its a powerful lyrical song. It has that sexual healing kind of vibe to it.”

As we come to a close, we had to ask a light and fun question, yet it ended up being a hard question for Justin haha…

“Holy crap, If I were stranded on a desert island!? definitely an acoustic guitar. Hmm…Let me think of three things as I´m trying to be smart about this. How are you going to survive on a desert island? Well, my wife, my guitar and I don´t know. Its so difficult! Maybe a walkman or something, I don´t know…I´m almost hesitant to say my wife cos I´d probably have to eat her and that would be terrible but, then again I would probably die before I eat somebody. Damn, that´s a good question. I wouldn´t say my tattoo machine cos, well…it obviously wouldn´t work haha. I wouldn´t take Chris with me cos he WOULD be the first person I’d eat! haha! Okay so….my sketch pad, my acoustic guitar and do I wanna bring my wife cos it would be such a bad idea as I wouldn’t want to strand her on a desert island. You know what, I would bring my wife, My acoustic guitar and my sketch pad.”

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