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Here is part two of our Garrett Whitlock interview, So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

“The pre-show stuff is lots of stretching, but the climate out here is very different to Florida, Florida is very humid and here is completely dry. The first show in Portugal and my hands clamped shut and I´d been eating bananas and drinking loads of water, all that stuff.But I make sure that I do loads of stretching before a show, drink as much fluids as possible and just warm up on the practice pad.”

“After show is totally different. I just kind of find a corner somewhere and sit down for 10-15 minutes and just kind of unwind. Check my cellphone, get my comics out haha. Nothing too crazy, you know. Preparing for a show is a lot more than, “oh, I´m going to eat a slice of pizza and take a shower.” I still get that nervous feeling. Its funny, I remember the first show I ever played when I was 16 years old, with the local band at the Ice Skating rink across from my high school, there was like three people there and I was terrified, I was mortified! There was nobody there but I was still scared shit-less. I still get that same nervousness that goes from the top of my head to the tip of my toes like 30 minutes before we play. Its good and I feel like, I get like that because I care and I´ve always felt like if I didn’t get that feeling, there would be a problem. “

“I still make mistakes, I´m my own worst critic. I´ll sit and pick myself apart, probably more than I should. You know… a certain degree, I don´t want to be a perfect drummer. I almost feel that the human factor is missing from music nowadays. Everything is SO perfect and everything is SO precise, you listen to the old records and you can hear shifts in tempos where its speeding up a little bit and its dragging, So I kinda miss that human factor in music because you do listen to so much and its perfect and everything is pro-tools to death. I kinda feel that a lot of musicians are starting to backlash against the pro-tools and ALOT more records are starting to be made on tape again where there isn´t click tracks and its going off a vibe. At the end of the day, that´s how its supposed to be….3,4 or 5 guys or how many guys you have in your band, sitting in a circle and playing music. Its not supposed to be perfect, per se….” added Garrett.

For everyone that aren´t aware, Garrett has been giving drumming lessons for a while and even offer lessons to students while on the road.

“Teaching is something I never thought I´d get in to but I just kinda did. When I was living in Atlanta, Georgia for a couple of years, a good buddy of mine, Corey Lowery. He´s Clint Lowery´s brother, he was in Dark New Day and he´s now with Saint Asonia. He had a rehearsal room up there and him & I would split the room, so I would go play drums every day and then another good buddy of mine was like, “why don´t you start teaching?” (It was between Tremonti tours, Alter Bridge were out for a good amount of time) So I did. I started teaching students in Atlanta and then on Skype. When Mark started doing the lessons on the road, Tim from Fret 12 was just like, “you can do it, if you want it?” and I was like okay, what have I got to lose. So far the response has been pretty good, I get a kick out of helping people and I learn stuff too, Its not like, I´m just teaching them. They might have something to show me that I´ve never seen, so its a win win.” Adds Garrett.

“You know with the lessons and everything, Mark kind of has a curriculum from his DVD and stuff like that whereas with me, I´m more student based. What would you like to work on? what do you feel as a drummer, your weaknesses are? what would you like to improve on? ….So I try my best to just help them in whatever way I can. I show them some different exercises, The stuff I do when I warm up because I can´t go sit behind my drums and play straight away. I have to stretch and warm up, so I just try to show them as much as I can with the time we have, Whats helped me and what I´ve found I´ve done wrong in the past, so I´m like “Don´t do this!  haha”

“I try to keep the mood very somber and not like, “YOU´RE DOING IT WRONG!! hahahaha”. I remember when I took my first lesson, I walked in and he was like, we´re going to learn this stuff out of a book and it was all rudiment stuff, but all I wanted to do was go in there and play Metallica. But, I definitely see the importance now of learning the rudiments, the basics, the techniques and the form. So, I try to keep it upbeat, fun and happy. We´re here to have a good time and hopefully they´ll learn something that can better their playing and their abilities. If that happens….I´m happy and its all good.”

Cauterize is available worldwide and Dust is coming out early this year.

Keep updated with Garrett via @gwdrums on twitter and all things Tremonti via @tremontiproject

Photo Credits to Chuck Brueckmann/Fret12


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