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Welcome to part two of our interview with Justin Coppolino. The tattoo artist and musician opens up about the music that he´s into at the moment, trying to find that vital HIT song and where he stands on bullying.

So grab a coffee or a drink of your choice, sit back and read on….

“One of my favorite bands is a band called Alkaline Trio. I grew up listening to Pop-Punk, anywhere from Face To Face, No Use For A Name etc. If it was Pop-Punk, I was into it and I still am. Billy Talent is another one of my favorite bands although I´m currently listening to a lot of Pop music and you might hate me on this one, but I´m a huge Katy Perry fan.”

Justin adds.”I also like Miley Cyrus a lot and I´m super into Pop stuff, even One Direction. I want to hate them but their music is pretty good, you know…and I don´t look too deep into it. I could sit here and say that they don´t write their own music and all they are, are performers but at the end of the day…they have the songs, no one else is singing those songs. So whether they wrote them or not they´re performing them and I can´t deny a good song. I like good songs…who doesn’t!?”

Justin explains. “The songs that I write are mainly Pop and you know, I don´t try to do it, I just write Pop. It´s what comes to my mind when I sit down to write, I just write Pop melodies…. There could be heavy guitar parts behind it and all that stuff and it would totally change the music but I guess that I´m just a Pop guy at heart and that´s what I like to write, even though I´m interested in all kinds of music. The only genre that I can´t get into and I´ve tried, is Country. I really try to do it but maybe it´s just too twangy for me. I´m not a very Southern type of person but anyway going back to Next Planet, my main inspirations today are, The Fray, One Republic and Imagine Dragons…I LOVE Imagine Dragons and those bands are more relevant to the music that I’m writing at the moment. If I take a step back and look at the real Pop roots, it all stems from Pop-Punk and it evolved from there really.”

Justin adds “Sometimes you have to be strategic, especially in a situation that I´m in. I´m trying to get a hit song here and to be honest, this is a song writers life. It’s like this. you write from your heart , you write all these songs and not the RIGHT people like them. A lot of your friends like them but just not the RIGHT people, which kind of sucks….It puts you in this situation where you´re like, Am I doing this because It’s a hobby or do I want an actual career out of this? So I sit here and I´m like, I´m smarter than this…..I can write something that is potentially a hit but no one really knows what a hit is, it could be the song that you don´t even like out of your catalog and BOOM!…everyone likes it, but if you try a little to write it than you´re closer to writing one, which comes down to lyrics and melody. The lyrics and melody are EVERYTHING. If you get a cool vibe that people can move to and the lyrics are there, then you´re the one step closer to writing a smash hit.”

“My approach recently has been me asking myself, what do I write about and how do I want to explain it….So if you listen to the songs, a lot of them talk about love and it´s always about love with me. The heartaches….but there´s also a lot of positives that I write about. A new song recently that I wrote is about bullying, You know, doing all that Twitter thing and doing all that social media thing, I wasn´t a big Twitter guy before but I see all these fans and stuff and how some of them get tortured with people making fun of them etc. It´s like my generation dealt with that, It stopped at school. But unfortunately now it continues outside and spills on to the internet. It makes me angry and upset that there´s nothing that I can do about it but I CAN make people aware. The new song is called `You Are Not Alone´ and its pretty much saying that with all this stuff going on…just remember, that YOU are NOT alone.”

Justin adds. “There´s other people who are dealing with this and maybe there´s people that dealt with it too. My brother and I moved around a lot when we were younger, we were always in fights and it was constant fighting with people and I don´t understand why there was so much hatred. You know, people don´t like the new guy or the new kids in schools. It just sucks….I was in my senior year of High School and I had to deal with that and all I wanted to do, was graduate but I had to fight my way through it and literally fist fight kids, it pissed me off and I didn’t really want to deal with that.  So right now, I’m kind of writing about all that stuff, which is a positive thing. I know that it seems negative but the song is more positive and uplifting.”

This is where we leave you wanting more and reveal that there will be a part three to this interview.

So never fear, we will be back with more very soon.

To be continued….


Words by Haylee Roebuck.

Photo Credits to Justin Coppolino.

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