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The sight of half empty small rooms in clubs is nothing strange to regular attendees of local gigs. The early turnout felt disappointing and the first two acts don’t fill us with much more confidence.

 First on was Fairway View, a bunch of riffsters who held their ground with some fairly cool grooves, but their lack of development left the room feeling bare. Following them were Unicorn Hunter whose mix of styles may have been really interesting, had it not been for the obscenely short songs that fail to impact anyone’s attention. From their brief interludes we get a bit of a psychedelic punk feel, but any hope of power is crushed by a weak vocal front.

 As hope for the night begin to dwindle more and more people began to arrive to check out the next band. GretaNova have been making a name for themselves around Sheffield for a while, regularly gigging as much as they can and they manage to pull a crowd we didn’t think tonight would see. They open with a mellow piece; the piano from frontman Ben Moorhouse is soft and contrasts brilliantly with the melodic, grunge tones from the band. They give us an assured set of modern rock giving an innovative sound that is an example of the potential local scenes can give.


GretaNova leave the stage and it’s apparent even more people have gathered for the main event; a band who haven’t stopped for breath, playing as many gigs as possible up and down the country. From headline shows in London to opening for Voodoo Six (currently touring with Iron Maiden) on home turf, Perfect Crimes are driven.

from mike


This has been the band’s biggest show to date and straight away we see they are pulling no punches. They’ve put everything into the preparation and now this crowded club is being treated to a brutal bombardment of riffs and ballsy beats from all angles. Songs old and new are plentiful on this evening and we’re given everything from the heavy Dogfight, a drumming master class with rhythmic complexities in abundance, to the anthemic Come Around which gives off a clear Alter Bridge influence and it’s hard to ignore how huge they can make this crowd sound in such a seemingly small place.


This band’s unique style allows them to be accessible to a range of ears whilst maintaining the aggression only some bands really get away with. Talent is aplenty with guitarist and bassist swapping roles for a song written by bassist, Danny, which shows off the classic rock side of these guys. Their varied influences bring about an unexpected air to most of their work, but if there’s one thing to be sure of, Perfect Crimes have every drop of potential needed to make it in such a tricky industry. This is unsigned music done right.

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