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CHICAGO, IL — Kiwi hard rockers Like A Storm have just hit #1 on the nationwide U.S rock station SiriusXM Octane with their record-breaking new single “Love the Way You Hate Me”. The band of New Zealand brothers surpassed some of the biggest names in modern rock including Avenged SevenfoldFive Finger Death Punch and Korn to claim the top spot in SiriusXM Octane’s Weekly Countdown. The New York-based satellite network broadcasts coast-to-coast in both the United States and Canada, and is home to infamous shock jock Howard Stern.

Love the Way You Hate Me”, which began its radio climb by breaking a U.S radio station record, has also made a huge impact in the band’s native New Zealand. The song recently debuted at #6 on The RockFM, New Zealand’s biggest rock station, and just hit #16 on the New Zealand Singles Chart – with Like A Storm being the sole rock act.

Ironically, “Love the Way You Hate Me” was never intended to be a single. Surprised by its recent success, singer Chris Brooks says, “We honestly never thought it would be on the radio. It was just this heavy song that we thought would be awesome to play live! We even put this long indulgent didgeridoo breakdown in it, which we thought would probably stop any station from ever playing it.” he laughs. But after Michigan rock station 101.5FM The Banana unexpectedly spun the song one night on their Cagematch song competition, listeners responded overwhelmingly. “Love the Way You Hate Me” went on to win every night for over a month until it was retired from the competition – shattering the station’s existing record. Radio stations all over North America started taking notice of the song – with its unique musical statement, “Love the Way You Hate Me” has grabbed the attention of rock fans all over North America.

With their latest offering smashing its way onto American airwaves, Auckland-bred Like A Storm have now achieved more successful US Hard Rock singles than any other New Zealand band in history. A heavy rock anthem which features singer Chris playing the didgeridoo, “Love the Way You Hate Me” showcases the band’s massive musical growth on their recent sophomore effort, Chaos Theory: Part 1. Like A Storm‘s second album proved to be an ambitious undertaking both creatively and logistically. Initially slated to record in a traditional LA studio setting, brothers ChrisMattand Kent Brooks were offered a massive nationwide U.S tour, and decided to make their new album while out on the road instead. Written and produced by the multi-instrumentalist Brooks brothers,Chaos Theory: Part 1 was recorded in backstage rooms and hotels all over America.

Combining crushing baritone guitar riffs, ambient textures, and their three vocal attack, Like A Storm‘s sound has been described as dark, yet uplifting. Since their debut album The End of the Beginning in 2009, Like A Storm have created a compelling musical catalogue and earned the reputation as one of rock’s hardest working bands. Five years of relentless touring has seen them share American stages with rock giants CreedKornAlter BridgeFive Finger Death PunchShinedown and many others. As a result, the band of Kiwi brothers has developed one of the most loyal fan bases in the country, and are now a headline act in their own right. Like A Storm‘s diehard fans – many of whom are inked in the band’s artwork and lyrics – are widely known to travel huge distances, and show up hours early, to see the band play at some of the most iconic rock venues in the US.

Like A Storm is currently in New Zealand writing material for their new album, Chaos Theory: Part 2, and will return Stateside in March to kick off their next American tour. Watch their latest music video for “Love the Way You Hate Me” here:

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