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 Queens of the Stone Age hit Wembley Arena on November 22 for the first of two sold out shows and boy, was it going to a good one.

Sweethead were in the support slot for the first night, but we opted out to and instead hit up the VIP guest bar, while we waited with bated breath for the mighty Queens.

We headed out onto the floor and you could feel the atmosphere building with anticipation for the Ginger Elvis with those devilish hips to make his appearance.

Before we knew it, The Queens appeared, the crowd exploded and You Think I Ain´t Worth A Dollar, but I feel Like a Millionaire rang out. They then went straight into No One Knows,which is always the one that everyone wants to hear, so I was quite surprised that it was second on the playlist, As normally songs of this caliber are normally saved until last. But..Hey, I wasnt complaining

Up next came, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret followed by one of their new tracks My God is the Sun,They could do no wrong. They kept a great pace, and held the crowds grip without letting go.

They continued to work their way through Monsters in the Parasol, I Sat by the Ocean, ….Like Clockwork before treating the crowd to, In the Fade.

These were followed by If I Had a Tail, Kalopsia, Little Sister, Fairweather Friends, Smooth Sailing, Make It With Chu to I Appear Missing, Sick, Sick, Sick and Go With The Flow.

Out came the piano as the Queens hit their encore with The Vampyre of Time and Memory before cranking it back up for Feel Good Hit of the Summer and A Song for the Dead.It felt like it was over way to quickly for my liking as they belted out track after track. Homme and his men knew how to entertain the crowd from that first chord. True professionals without a doubt.

Homme played mega riffs and swayed his hips throughout and they showed how a true Rock n Roll band put on a show.


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