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Overall score 95

DHP band

Donkey Hot Pink are a trio who formed in Almeria, Spain and released their debut EP last October. Along with performing loads of gigs in the surrounding areas, they have also toured the UK multiple times.

The EP opens with `Don´t You Lie´ with its very melodic tones and, its infectious chorus will embed itself under your skin. The track starts off slowly as it builds up the rhythm, It keeps pace throughout and Ashley´s vocals are on point.

Its slight psychedelic tones rain through the rhythm section and it ends up being a very layered track with intricate pieces that fit together to complete a puzzle.

`Giving up´ kicks off with heavy guitars before Ashley´s hypnotic vocals make their appearance. A strong solid track that will get in to your head as it harbors a classic sound with a hint of Grunge/Punk-esque tones. `This Is How We Do It´ is next and it isn´t as heavy as the latter but still a great track which is easy listening throughout. Its a catchy track that you cant help but like as it shows that the band are unique and very versatile in their music.

`Sober´ continues with a slower tempo and melodic tones. The vocals are hauntingly good as they shine on and on. A great track with catchy lyrics that will leave you wanting more.

I continue my journey through `Anything You Could Imagine´, `Room To Rent´, `Rossini´ and ending with `Seed´ and it doesn’t fail to disappoint. A great debut from this very talented trio. Every aspect compliments each perfectly as it shows off its versatility throughout. The EP also shows different sides to this complex band with its easy listening vibes and intricate sounds.

Its infectious and will leave you wanting more…….


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