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Overall score 83


‘Voyage’ is the debut album from De Lux, L.A. duo Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco. They may be from L.A., but this is a collection influenced by European electro-pop at its finest.Released on new L.A. label Innovative Leisure, ‘Voyage’ has dance tracks, chilled beats, and hooks that have you humming after only one listen.

Opener ‘Better At Making Time’ draws you in with a catchy beat reminiscent of 80s New Order at their finest. This track grabs the moment that De Lux was conceived. Both members were rehearsing with other bands at the time, when Isaac came up with the bassline that became this song. The whole album is fun and uplifting, captured in ‘I’ve Got To Make A Statement’, which has an insistent groove, and a hook line that you’ll find yourself singing at random moments. ‘Love Is A Phase’ brings back the 80s again with a feel of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. By the time we reach track six, ‘Make Space’, you’re definitely in a club on a hot summer’s night. This song packs more punch and makes you want to hit the dance floor, whereas ‘Moments’ and ‘Brighter End Of Dark’ are for lazing around to with a cocktail in hand.

‘Voyage’ evokes summer, beaches and clubs, and lovers of post-disco, high-energy pop will want to add it to their collection. The album was recorded on the first take, giving it a freshness that sometimes gets lost with today’s tendency to over-produce.  Critics may find the music repetitive by the time you reach the ninth and final track, especially as most tracks are over six minutes long. But for anyone looking for synth pop for a new generation, De Lux have hit the mark. I personally hope this is the first of many albums from this duo, and I’d love to hear them tackle some tracks with a darker feel. This could be the start of a fantastic ‘Voyage’, and I’m up for the journey, drink in hand and sunglasses on!


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