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American Hard Rock band Crobot are back after two years with their latest effort ‘Welcome To Fat City’. Their second album comes in strong and definitely gives 2014’s ‘Something Supernatural’ a run for its money.

The title track ‘Welcome to Fat City’ blasts open this wicked trip with funky groove filled guitars. Brandon’s vocals are on point, while psychedelic tones bleed through the tight guitar work. It’s a strong opener that paves the way for the rest to follow. ‘Play It Cool’ is layer upon layer of gritty riffs. It’s funky, groovy and heavy all in one. A very super cool track right there.

‘Easy Money’ is groove laden from its first chord. It’s full bodied as it rides along every curve, while the heavy guitars compliment Brandon’s powerful and soulful vocals effortlessly. Their first single off the album ‘Not for Sale’ is next and so full of energy and it holds an epic riff that you just can’t ignore. Its dark and heavy as it tries to rip out your soul, but you resist its advances. Such a passionate track as it plunges forward without fault.

‘Hold on for Dear Life’ starts off slow and seductive as it dances around you before dragging you into the dark abyss. You find yourself twisting and trying to break free from its clutches, but the darkness starts to drown you. The heavy riffs tear you to shreds for this belter of a track. ‘Temple in the Sky’ is a heavy groove filled number with bluesy guitars that tease their way through for your pleasure. A great overall track.

‘Right Between the Eyes’ is a mean and meaty track that gives you something to sink your teeth into and chew at. Its full of so much attitude that it actually knocks you right between your eyes. ‘Blood on the Snow’ is another track with attitude, that you can’t help but dig it hard. Its oozes funk from its tips right to its very core.

‘Steal the Show, Moment of Truth and Plague of the Mammoth’ go from funky riffs to a ballad and right down to a dirty monster of a track to close the show. Crobot take you back in time on this 70’s groove filled trip that blurs between the lines and pushes the boundaries of what we already know.

Welcome To Fat City is Hard ‘Stoner’ Rock and Roll at its best with so much attitude and backbone, that it can’t help but steal the show.

Crobot came, they grooved and they conquered.

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