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Dead Man´s Ransom are back with their self titled follow up to 2013´s `Three Chords & The Truth´and they sure are back with a bang!

If you´re not familiar with DMR, they hail from Houston, Texas and are a 3 man Rock & Blues band consisting of Eric Lauer (vocals/guitar), Robert Bradley (bass) and Benjamin Brignac (drums)

Anyway now you know a bit more about the band, its time to talk music.

The album opens up rocking `Down By The River´ with its infectious sound and full of bluesy rock guitars. Its an absolute gem of a track with its upbeat tempo and melody throughout and It makes you want more after that first listen.  `Blood or Bone´ slows the tempo ever so slightly for a more `Country´ takes on the blues sound and the vocals are full of feeling that leave you intoxicated. The guitar work is on point and executes every last chord.

`Roll The Dice´ rides the tempo back up for this Rock n Roll number. Dirty guitars that will make your knees go weak and the whole rhythm section blends together perfectly to make for one hell of a track. It makes you want to go ride the open road on a Harley without looking back. `Long Way To Omaha´ continues the journey, you can see yourself riding the open road with the wind blowing through your hair. Its bluesy with a whole lot of Country.

You continue to ride through 15k on the Devil, Liquor & A .45, Already Gone to From The Mud and turning the engine off with When The Daylight Breaks….Each track comes together to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. The album makes you want to grab a Harley, ride the open road and not know where you´re going but that´s all part of the excitement.

Its a `Ride´ album and It sounds like something straight out of Sons of Anarchy. Its intoxicating, infectious and wants to make the bad girl (or boy) in you come out. Its full of blues, country and straight up Rock n Roll.

Once you hit play, there´s no turning back.


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