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Overall score 50

Mo Kolour cover

Mo Kolours is a half English, half Mauritian producer, singer and percussionist who has managed to produce one of the most unconventional albums that I have heard for a long time.

On his eponymously titled debut album the London native bends styles and influences to cram 18 tracks into a journey lasting just over half an hour but I have to say that the results are somewhat mixed. The intention and the idea is not without merit and really should be applauded but the execution isn’t quite there.

However that isn’t to say that the album is without its high points. ‘Mike Black’ is as laid back as it gets. The production is reminiscent of that of J. Dilla while the whispy vocal glides over the top, and this is where I feel the Mo Kolours is at his best. The hip hop influence again shines through on closing track ‘Straight Ruk’ where you are half expecting Q Tip to pop up with a verse.  While the bass line on ‘Child’s Play’ also deserves a positive mention. But these standout moments are too few and far between.

I mentioned before the amount of tracks on the album and I think that is part of its undoing. There is almost too much going on. The short tracks in the middle disrupt the flow a little too much, while others meander along like a walk on the beach; it’s all very nice but lacks focus.

This album would be perfect for a Sunday morning while you’re doing the housework. It will glide along nicely in the background without really grabbing your attention. As I said I think the idea to put an album together like this is not only great in itself but also very brave, but I can’t get excited about it.

I feel like I’ve just walked into a room where someone has just told a brilliant joke, everyone is laughing but I just don’t get it.

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