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Young Guns are back with their fourth album ‘Echoes’, Just fifteen months after their last album ‘Ones and Zeros’ and significantly their first album since the departure of drummer Ben Jolliffe.

The band’s latest effort is quick to banish any doubts as the first track ‘Bulletproof’ hits you hard in the chest like a bullet. Its powerful from the first chord as it stands strong. An intense track that rocks hard through the riffs to the vocals and back again. Title track ‘Echoes’ follows as they continue to impress, with its infectious chorus and groove filled guitars. The distorted vocals captivate as they leave an echo in their wake. This track doesn’t have any intention of fading away anytime soon.

‘Careful What You Wish For’  keeps the set tempo pacing forward. It’s a catchy track throughout that will have you singing along in no time. Groove drenched guitars stand out in this deliciously good track. ‘Paranoid’ digs a little deeper in to the darkness, as it embeds itself under your skin. You feel it crawling through to your veins as the paranoia takes over.

‘Mad World’ bursts forward like a bolt of lightning, with its heavy drumming and sharp guitars. ‘Awakening’ is eerie and hypnotic. Its calming, yet powerful as it takes you out of this world. You feel yourself floating high above, as it awakens what is inside of you.


‘Living in a Dream Is so Easy’ has so many indicate layers, as you find yourself peeling each layer away one by one. This is a pure anthem fuelled track that you will relate to so easily, its unreal. It’s dream-like lyrics dance around as they pull you further into the other realm, you start losing yourself to the emotions that pour out and find that you’re reaching for the repeat button.’Buried’ comes in fast and hard with a thumping beat, as it pulls you under. There is no escape from this upbeat track.

‘Mercury in Retrograde’ comes by you like a flicker of lights, it draws you back in to the powerful light up above. You feel like you’re moving forward but, is everything moving backwards or is is all just an illusion….

‘Paradise’ strips everything away for this splendid piano number. Its filled with so much raw emotion, that the honesty bleeds through. Its beautifully enchanting as you fall in love.

The album draws to a close with ‘Afterglow’ that gives one last burst of energy, as it sews every piece of this masterpiece together. ‘Echoes’ has everything you want from emotion, energy, intensity and groove filled guitars.

It’s pulls at the heart strings as you fall in love with this truly captivating album.

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