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Overall score 70

those delta wolves

“Fire Is Spreading” is the debut EP from Leeds based quartet, Those Delta Wolves. Recently released on Jumbo Records this four track EP is a bit of a mixed bag of musical kindling.

Those Delta Wolves cite their musical influences as “blues, rock ’n ’roll, punk and all that lies between”. From their name I was hoping to find some Delta blues ….maybe next time.

The opening track “Addictions” explodes with sound from the off. Punk influences collide and spark against an almost Southern rock sound akin to Molly Hatchet from way back when. Good strong vocals and some nice guitar work but the drums drown this one out. For me, the overall sound lacks definition. Still a good solid opener with the potential to be better live.

“Hear (the words)” comes next and again has a good balanced start. A display of solid drumming but for me there’s still something missing.

“Conscience” is my personal favourite of the four tracks. Definitely heavily blues based. Fabulous vocals and stunning guitar work. This track shows the spark that is missing from the others.

The EP draws to a close with “Make Noise” and make noise they do! This track sees the boys return to their love of punk. It’s loud. It’s chaotic. It’s short but it is the perfect bit of fun to end on.

Perhaps Those Delta Wolves need to decide which direction their hearts lie in as this EP shows various styles. For what it’s worth, I’d stick with the likes of “Conscience.” “Fire is Spreading” is an apt title for this debut. The record shows a few sparks of brilliance but they have been swallowed up somewhat by mediocre flames. I haven’t had the privilege of seeing this band play live but I suspect they put on one Hell of a live show and have perhaps been a little constrained in the studio during the recording.

The vital spark is there but it needs some careful kindling to allow Those Delta Wolves to shine bright.

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