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Rival Sons are back with their latest effort in the form of  the `Great Western Valkyrie´ and it is also the first release which features their current bassist, Dave Beste after Robin Everhart left the band back in August 2013.

`Electric Man´ sets the tone for the entire album and what a tone that is. It’s a sexy teaser of a track with its bluesy/rocking riffs and leaves you wanting more. Buchanan´s voice is on top form and straight out the gate, It shows a more matured sound for the band. `Good Luck´ is soulful, filthy and basking in the aura of the 70´s (the whole album is though to be fair and that’s definitely not a bad thing) It holds a great tempo and melody that flows throughout.

The award for best opening goes to the `Secret´ Its full of soul and pure muscle that is fresh and totally liberating to hear as you don’t hear many (if any) like this anymore. `Play The Fool´ is up next and its full of fuzzy guitars from start to finish and before you know it, you´ll be singing along to this catchy number and dancing with delight.

`Good Things´ slows down the tempo for a sultry number that will seduce you silly. Its enchanting, hypnotic and absolutely delicious. `Open My Eyes´ is the first single release from the album and a very wise and worthy choice. Its got everything you´d expect from a Rival Sons track. Its sexy, soulful and blended with rock n roll guitars that will make you quiver from head to toe.

Rich and the Poor, Belle Star, Where I´ve Been and Destination On Course complete the album and do not disappoint.

An outstanding album that will take you on a journey to the 70´s and back with plenty of soul, blues and down right rock n roll just like how music used to be.

The band´s sound has matured nicely and heading in the right direction in an album that is full of body, enticing vocals and a soul that leads down to the core.

A must listen for any music fan.

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