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Overall score 60

Ground is lava

Recently released on the Friends of Friends label this four track EP from Groundislava provides a short teaser of his new music ahead of the full album release. Groundislava’s third album “A Frozen Throne” is scheduled for release in September.

Over the past couple of years Groundislava (aka Jasper Patterson) has carved out a comfortable niche for himself in Los Angeles with his unique blend of electronic soundscapes and dance anthems, drawing on influences from 1980’s nostalgia, TV and pop culture in general. However “Feel TheHeat” is perhaps not sitting quite comfortably in this niche.

The title track “Feel The Heat ft Rare Times” is a little misleading in its title. There are two versions of this on the EP and personally I prefer the first one. It’s a very chilled out, trance like dance anthem. Rare Times add to this vibe with beautifully dreamy vocals. Very melancholy. Nice.

For me the second track “Reflex Engine” is the weakest on the record and misses the mark. Groundislava’s passion for gaming comes through too strongly here causing the listener to feel that they are hearing the wails of a character trapped in a Nintendo game. The resulting sound grates on the nerves and claws at the senses.

“October Acid” takes the listener to an entirely different sound scape. This track has a more cosmic and space age feel to the electronic voyage the listener is taken on. It’s the shortest track on the EP at barely two and a half minutes and this detracts from the overall feel to it. A little more length and the potential is there for it to be a classic dance floor anthem.

All in “Feel The Heat” is a bit of a mixed bag hot, cold and ultimately lukewarm.  Hopefully “A Frozen Throne” will deliver more for Groundislava’s fans when it is released in September but sadly “Feel The Heat” has left me a little cold.


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