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Overall score 79


The first thing to say here is that this is a brilliant concept. The idea of bringing the old school sound system clashes into album is not something which I have come across before but I love it. It’s simple, but different.

When I say simple I mean really simple, two separate crews have remixed five of the others tracks putting their own spin on them in the process. The first five tracks were remixed by Prince Fatty and the last five tracks were remixed by Mungo’sHi-Fi. See? Easy.

The first five tracks have a real old school reggae feel. ‘Herbalist’ and ‘Scrub a Dub Style’ have that classic reggae bounce, and feel good factor. ‘Under Arrest’ is as smooth as you like, you can’t help but bob your head. (Trust me I tried) ‘Divorce A’Italienne,’ the last of the Prince Fatty mixes is also very strong. The little saxophone solos that dance over the track just give it that edge that makes it stand above pretty much everything else on the album.

The 2nd section of the record sees a move away from the more traditional sound to something more electronic. ‘Dry Your Tears’ in particular has a very modern almost electronica feel to it. This section also features a track called ‘Horsemove.’ A track I’m still struggling to get my head around in all honesty, but if you like horse sound effects and horse racing commentary with your reggae then this is the song for you.This half may not be as strong overall as the first half but the throbbing baseline of ‘Say What You’re Saying’ and hip hopesque ‘For Me You Are’ makes sure that the record finishes with a flourish.

On the whole sonically, the album really isn’t doing anything remarkable but it doesn’t have to. The beauty is in the contrasting styles of the two protagonists and the smoothness of the production, and this is what makes the album a success.You won’t be frantically hitting the rewind button shouting ‘Oh my God did you hear that!’ but that’s alright, because what you will be doing is letting it play along in the background while you, BBQ, drink, laugh and chill out through the coming months as it becomes the soundtrack to your summer.

Oh and just for those of you keeping score… Prince Fatty won.


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