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For me personally, Crobot’s “Something Supernatural” has been one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the latter part of the year. I’ve been playing it constantly for the last three weeks as my neighbours may testify. I’ll make no apologies here, I’m a huge fan of these guys.

Hailing from Pottsville, Pa, these four self-confessed sci-fi nerds take the listener on an incredible fantasy filled journey with this record. “Something Supernatural” is Crobot’s first full length album release and follows hot on the heels of their self-titled four track EP from earlier in the year.

Again produced by Machine (of Clutch and Lamb of God fame) and released on Nuclear Blast, this twelve track album is filled from the first note to the last with high energy dirty groove rock. Heavily blues and funk influenced and, with their musical hearts back in the 1970’s rock era, Crobot quite literally re-invent this sound for the 21st Century.

The album opens with “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer”. With its wailing guitar intro, crashing hi-hats and thunder of drums, this track successfully launches the listener into the mystical world that is Crobot. This song is trademark Crobot and is a killer on the live stage.

Previously, this track had appeared on the band’s EP and,perhaps my only minor disappointment with “Something Supernatural”, is that all four of the tracks from the EP are included here. Crobot have had a heavy touring schedule of late so I will give them the benefit of the doubt that there weren’t suitable alternative tracks hidden up Brandon’s trademark floral sleeves.

That said, there are eight stunning new songs on here. “The Necromancer”, three tracks in, is the first of these and is old school classic heavy metal. Brandon Yeagley’s harmonica is an inspired addition here and enhances an already awesome head-banging anthem. “All hail the Necromancer,” he sings. All hail Crobot!

Another highlight of the record is “Night of the Sacrifice”. This song takes the listener into the dark swampy depths of voodoo culture. “Now you’re going to die. Step right up. Don’t be shy.” This track in particular showcases what a tight unit Crobot are, as they appear to feed telepathically from each other’s energies.

Chupacabra”, another new track, has one of the best riffs on the album. Perhaps there’s a Slash influence creeping in here but this is another awesome suck your face off monster track. Love it!

The closest Crobot get to a ballad on “Something Supernatural” is the beautiful “Queen of the Light.” It is one of my personal favourites on the record. Its eerie intro soon evolves into a monster riff. Brandon Yeagley’s vocal performance here is controlled, dark and passionate. Gorgeous melody. Simply stunning track.

The star of the showhowever is the bonus track, track twelve, “Tap Dancin’ On A Tightrope”. Superb funky bass work from Jake Figueroa here. Love the vocal on this track. Very reminiscent of Myles Kennedy. Eargasmic track!

I’d be failing Crobot here if I didn’t highlight the artwork on this album. It is simply stunning and all the own work of the band’s own multi-talented Chris Bishop. Each image perfectly reflects an element of the album. It’s worth buying this one just for the artwork alone!

“Something Supernatural” may be themed with mystical fantasy creatures, the occult, wizards and dragons which are perhaps not everyone’s themes of choice but it is most definitely Something Spectacular.  “You gotta slay a few dragons before you get the princess” as it says in “Wizards”. No need – you’ve won this “princess” over! I can’t wait for the next sonic cosmic Crobot adventure.

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