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Overall score 90

So y´all probably all thinking who the hell are PusherJones, Well they are a virtual band backed up by real life musicians, Who combine music with an animated adventure about an imaginary rock band from Hollywood. The band includes members of Velvet Revolver, Queens of The Stone Age and Weezer.
We have the animated members who are DB on vocals, Jesse on guitar, Dominic on bass and Boner on drums. These characters are backed up by the real life musicians who are, Franky Perez on vocals, Dave Kushner on lead guitar, Dave Warren on rhythm guitar, Scott Shriner on bass and Joey Castillo on drums.

Their EP finally got its release today and it blew me away from the moment I hit play. You can definitely hear the influences of their respected bands but that´s not a bad thing, It´s Queens Of The Velvet Weezer as they would say and It just makes the EP even better.

Count Me Out starts with an melodic intro before screamo guitars kick in. Great track to start off with and many of you may recognize it, as it was Avengers worthy and featured on Marvels The Avengers soundtrack. This track keeps the tempo rocking and makes you want to be counted with its skillful riffs. Hollow continues with the same paced tempo. Classic but edgy rock n roll at its best. The vocal teases you in and keeps you firmly hooked. This track is catching and it works overall.

In The Intersection is melodic rock with a total roll, That doesn’t back down and shows the variety of talent in this band. After this you may need to Lay Down, This is lyrically enchanting luring you in and allowing you to soak up every note, Just as you feel it is safe to lay down, The rhythm section kicks in adding more body to the song. Strong vocals with a slowed down tempo really works and gives you a dirty sultry rock n roll number.

Shades Of Grey lures you into a false sense of listening, giving you the idea that its another low tempo track, Then the rhythm section appears, giving it more of a gritty soul. You can really feel the emotions in the vocal, which is a fine art and this track isn’t so grey after-all.

After finishing the final track, It left me wanting to hear more as it oozes rock and roll throughout. This right here, is pure genius by the hands of Dave Kushner and Simpsons creative director Dave Warren, It’s a must listen for any music lover out there and I really look forward to hearing more from this project in the very near future.

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