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Shoot The Wendy

When I saw this one drop into my inbox I was instantly intrigued as I absolutely love the name. It echoes of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

Shoot The Wendy Bird are an Anglo-American alternative/indie rock/pop duo. Dolll is a vocalist from Las Vegas while guitarist/producer Barry Snaith aka The Inconsistent Jukebox hails from Wakefield. One has to wonder how they met?……..

They came together (somehow) in December 2013 and are both prolific songwriters.

“All Shook Up” is their debut EP, released on Holier Than Thou Records. For an EP this debut is quite lengthy at eight tracks.

The record opens with title track and single “All Shook Up”.Dolll’s vocals here reminded me strongly of the legendary“Happy Birthday, Mr President” performance by the late great Marilyn Monroe. There’s a very hippy, trippy vibe to this one.

The various tracks are all subtly different as this duo seek to find their niche. The EP suffers in a couple of the tracks from over-production, particularly in “Movers & Shakers” where Dolll’s vocals are severely drowned out by a chaotic musical arrangement.

There are three quite dark menacing songs on this debut release. “Lady In White, while bordering on the bizarre, has a decidedly dark undercurrent running through it.

“Let’s Defenestrate (2nd Storey) and “Let’s Defenestrate (remix) are two strangely poetic and completely eccentric tracks but in a weird way they work. (For those who don’t know, defenestrate means to throw out of the window) These, for me, are the stars of this unique collection.

“It’s  A Worldwide Web” has a catchy Latin tempo that ties in nicely with the song’s worldwide music imagery and shows great potential however, my enjoyment of it was tarnished by the constant muttered conversation track running through it. So annoying!

Dolll’s voice is the ultimate star here. It has a quirky instantly recognisable quality to it. She has already been compared to Gwen Stefani, Beth Gibbons from Portishead, Macy Grey and a young Kate Bush. I can’t help but feel she’s the stronger half of this pairing and may do better as a solo performer going forward.

Quirky and unusual but sadly, for me, the name Shoot The Wendy Bird, was the best thing about it all.


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