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The Kings of Leon returned this month with their long anticipated sixth album, Mechanical Bull. Its the first we´re heard from the band since their last release, Come Around Sundown back in 2010.

Mechanical Bull gets the bull raring to go with Supersoaker and its a total throwback to how they used to sound. A great opening track with that signature Southern rock sound that works ever so well for them. A great tempo and melody that you cant deny. Rock City kicks in all Blues inspired riffs that will have you urging for more. Caleb´s vocals sound at their best and the rhythm section is fit to punch.

Don´t Matter turns it up for a faster tempo and a more Rock N Roll sound. Fast guitars race alongside the fast paced drumming never dropping speed. They throw in a Rock N Roll inspired solo to add to this already decent track. Beautiful War is a definite ballad that is just beautiful. Plain and simple. There´s no glitter or glamour, its from the heart, its pure and faultless. It also has this essence of a young U2 in its sound.


Temple sparks it back up again for a slightly faster tempo and melody and plenty of rocking riffs that own the floor. Wait For Me slows pace for another steady track that urges the listener to actually listen and connect with the lyrics. Its a great overall track that oozes soul.

We continue on through Family Tree, Comeback Story, Tonight, Coming Back Again, On The Chin and bonus tracks, Work On Me and Last Mile Home without a glitch.

The album in my eyes, well ears, is a great comeback for the Kings of Leon. I feel that they have finally found their way back. Its simple yet beautifully significant. Its true, pure and its the Kings at their very best.

So sit back, relax and listen to some undeniable Southern Rock.

Mechanical Bull is available worldwide now.


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