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Kula Shaker were one of the biggest bands in Britain back in 1996 (Man, that makes me feel old!). Fast forward two decades and the band are back with their 5th studio album so, let’s see what Kula Shaker 2.0 have to offer.

‘Infinite Sun’ opens with a very spiritual and Indian inspired track. It dances and entices you on to this higher plane, It hypnotising as the guitars arrive and It’s chant-like lyrics weave in and out. The track sounds like its something out of the 60’s, with its bohemian licks and melodies. It had me hooked after the first listen and it left me intrigued for whats to follow. ‘Holy Flame’ follows with psychedelic vibes, it feels like flying high above in the sky. It’s infectious as the flames burn bright right before your minds eye. Punchy guitars and trippy harmonies blend together to create this fuzzy infused track as the vocals preach out, leading you on this spiritual journey.

‘Death of Democracy’ has a Country/Folk sound to it. It’s a very catchy track that builds the tempo, it feels like you’re spinning around and can’t actually slow down as death is creeping on the sidelines waiting to make its move. ‘Let Love Be (With You)’ is a more upbeat track that radiates light as the love seeps out at every corner on this mystic trip. It feels like a positive track that gives hope as you feel a smile appearing on your face.

‘Here Come My Demons’ pulls you back in to the shadows after your high. It’s dark, seductive and eerie. The track lures you deeper with it’s hypnotic lyrics as you feel your demons coming alive, The darkness takes you over with dramatic riffs that will leave you paralysed. An intense track that starts off slowly before forcing you down with heavier sounds and back again. The sounds of realisation and overcoming your inner demons stand strong.  ’33 Crows’ is a more ‘Dylan’ inspired track that has Indian-esque sounds, yet still keeping it very ‘Country’ A very infectious track that is simplistic but shows so much true emotion. One of the best tracks on the album as it calls out to the soul.

You continue your mystic and spiritual journey through ‘Oh Mary, High Noon, Hari Bol (The Sweetest Sweet), Get Right Get Ready, Mountain Lifter and 2STYX’ and what can I say? Its psychedelic, seductive and spiritual with fuzzy riffs and trippy harmonies, that will last for an Indian Summer.

I, for one won’t be telling Kula Shaker to ‘Hush’ any time soon.

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