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The world is finally blessed with an album from The Forest Rangers along with the help of Pledge Music and their amazing fans.

Boy, have we been dying to hear this masterpiece…..

But, lets take it back a step to where it all began.

Bob Thiele had an idea to make a record way back in 1979 but the idea was put on hold until Bob started working on a show about 7 years ago, some of you may have heard of it….. the show was Sons of Anarchy.

So Bobs idea along with Kurt Sutter´s vision for Sons organically created The Forest Rangers. Fast forward to the present day and we have their debut album Land Ho!

Life certainly does work in mysterious ways and as they say, the rest is history.

Land Ho! opens with `A Goodbye´ Its smooth, soulful and full of raw emotion, It has that sweet country-esque vibe to it that will instantly make you fall in love. `Man In The Moment´  dances beautifully into vision and leaves you drunk. The vocals are on point as they shine out brightly for all to hear. Its another soul filled track that you immediately get hooked on.

`Land Ho!´ is definitely one of the stand out tracks for me. Its a very infectious sound that will have you pressing the repeat button. The track features Ravi Coltrane on saxophone which gives the sound that extra bite and added soul.  `Trying To Believe´ is ever so sultry and rock n roll to its core. Alison´s vocals are seductive and linger with you throughout. Another great track that makes you want more.

You dance your way through Gotta Love, I´m Alive, Come On Back, On Our Way, Life Goes On, Blue Angel and it ends with a  So Called Life that brings the story to its close.

Every inch of this album is utter perfection. Its full of raw emotion, infectious sounds and lyrics that linger on into the sunset. Its perfection to my ears from start to finish as It takes you to Charming and back.

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