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   UK band Plainview are back with their upcoming EP `Lifewish´ on August 20th.

What can I say?!

The 5 track EP will blow your mind…..

Not Your Own opens the EP prominently with its dirty, grimy and infectious sound. Its a fast tempo-ed track that draws you in with its standout vocals.Throw in some soaring guitars and this track warms you up nicely for whats to come.

Turning Tide cranks the sound up another notch. Its heavy and in your face throwing punches left, right and center. The tracks momentum keeps pace as the tide rolls in. The heavy guitars give this track the perfect foundation as each layer builds. Its a great overall track.

Lifewish is solid, heavy and melodic throughout. Its dark along with eerie vocals that bring an essence of death to the track. It envelopes itself around you before sealing you in and dragging you into a dark abyss that lays in wait.

Myopia is brutal yet still keeping a melodic flow to it. Hard drumming teamed with heavy guitars that will blow your ears off. The vocals have a slight stoner rock feel to them and they kind of remind me of Layne Staley which isnt a bad thing cos it calls out to my soul, just as his vocals did and still do.

Indigo brings the EP to its close with a slightly `relaxed´ track and don´t take relaxed too lightly haha. Its basically a lighter sounding track compared to the brutality of the latter. Dont get me wrong, this track still has a lot of balls to it and its still dark enough but I feel the vocals stand out more to the ears.

Lifewish is an immense EP that literally floored me with its first listen. I haven´t heard anything like this solid in a while and it just blew me away.

Go grab yourself a copy on August 20th and don´t forget to…..



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