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GAS is the third release from Bilbao trio ‘Los Brazos’ The album was released in late 2015 to immediate success by hitting the number 2 spot in the chart’s in its first week. The band have since been touring across Spain promoting the album and they certainly know how to draw a crowd in! Their fanbase even follow them all over without giving it a second thought.

The album opens with ‘Fearless Woman’ A blues soaked rock n roll track which hits the spot throughout, as it moves through your veins and beyond. You can’t help but move seductively to this number and dance like there’s nobody watching. A great opening track that sets the tone of the album up very nicely. ‘Not My Kind’ is up next and what an infectious track! It will have you singing along after just one listen, it gets into your head and won’t leave. It’s more Country than rock n roll but it still works as the band push the boundaries. Vocals are on point throughout and you would think that it was an American singing and not a Spaniard. The lyrics are perfectly executed with so much feeling, while honky tonk fused riffs play out and the drums never miss a beat.

‘Randall’ follows with a blues filled track full of dirty riffs, soaring guitars and stand out vocals that will have you hitting the repeat button in no time. It’s a song that would fit right into place on Sons of Anarchy. It has this heaviness to it, but not too much. It’s a perfectly balanced track that you will fall in love with. ‘Boogie’ is next and it certainly makes you want to boogie on the dance floor until your hearts content. A catchy track with a fast tempo and infectious lyrics that make everything fit together so perfectly.

‘Say My Name’ is next and has no intention of backing down. It starts off how it means to go on with it’s fast, bluesy, old 50s style and you will singing ‘Say My Name’ in no time as it catches you and swings you around. A great foot tapping track that reminds of yesteryear. ‘Black Sheep’ has so much soul in its intricate layers. The riffs appear darker and more moody than the rest, its absolutely captivating and speaks to the soul with all it’s reason. The tracks guitar solo gives you chills as you close your eyes and enjoy all its glory.

‘Guardian’ kicks in to gear straight out of the gate at such a fast pace. It takes you over before you even know it. Another great track that doesn’t falter, everything fits together perfectly as each layer entwine to create a guardian. ‘Tales’ slows the mood and tempo down for this sultry track. It’s an absolutely stunning piece that will speak to your heart and soul as it evokes true emotion.

The album comes to its close with ‘Rose Tree’  and it’s perfect in every way. It reminds me of a show number with big lights, dancers and fabulous costumes! A track that leaves the listener on a high and wanting more.

GAS is a spectacular album from start to finish, it’s got an old school rock n roll and blues feel to it, a feeling that is hard to come by these days. The trio bring something different and special to the table which makes them stand out from the rest.

You listen to the album and it brings an immediate smile to your face and lifts your spirits. It’s perfect in every way!
The band are gifted that they can bring that magic to their live shows and have you grinning like an idiot for days after. I highly recommend that you incorporate this trio in to your life.

 And if you haven’t heard of this band before…..

What else is there to say?

Welcome to Los Brazos!


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