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One Sunday evening in March, the locals started to pile into Dolce Vita as Nasty Bite made the final preparations for their debut gig. A few technical issues delayed the start but, that was soon forgotten once the band kicked into The Hive’s `Hate To Say I Told You So’ before heading straight into the Foo Fighters `Learn To Fly’ which bought instant delight to the buzzing crowds.` Interstate Love Song’ was next, Clemente’s guitar work was perfectly executed throughout, while hard precise drumming via Gonzalez held the foundation together perfectly. `Wicked Game’ followed and who doesn’t love a heavy cover of this old school classic. The band definitely left their mark on this. Papa Roach’s `Last Resort’ roared through next, ripping shreds off as it passed through.

The band then took us back to the early 90s with Pearl Jam’s `Even Flow’ and for me, this song is untouchable. Luckily for them, I do enjoy their interpretation of it. The rhythm section are a strong unit as they compliment each other nicely. `Man In A Box’ followed and the atmosphere was electric as the night was heating up. For me, I have high standards when it comes to Alice In Chains and no matter who attempts to cover this band, you aren’t Layne Staley, God rest his soul! `Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ came next and the band next missed a beat, as they looked very comfortable on stage. SOAD’s `Aerials’ brought the first set to its close perfectly, with a great interpretation of this beefy track. Every one was on point and executed it with fine precision.

The band created a great balance in the first set, as there was a bit of something for everyone. Yes, it’s heavy and not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s refreshing to hear something completely different on the live music scene. It makes you sit up, take notice and get excited!


The second set cranked the tempo up with Supergrass’ `Richard III’ and leaving everybody thirsty for more. The guys then threw in their version of Michael Jackson’s `Billie Jean’ just to keep the spectators on their toes. A rocky cover of this classic, was definitely pleasing to the ears. `Basket Case’ followed and you can’t help but love this cover! Such a great song choice as the room went wild for it. They gave the crowd that little tease of early Green Day before smashing into the later sound of Green Day with `American Idiot’ and it’s one of those songs, that you can’t help but move or jump around to. The band continued on the Punk route for one more song in the form of Blink 182’s ‘All The Small Things’ and listening to this, just makes you grin from ear to ear and the band did a great job stamping their mark on to it.

Nasty Bite notched it up once more for RATM’s `Killing In The Name Of’ and thank god, they didn’t censor out the profanities, the song wouldn’t be the song without them! `Everlong’ gave the room (and the band) a moment to breathe with this `calmer’ track of the set. Again, this is another song that you do not touch and I was very impressed with their take of this classic. Every chord was hit while they never missed a beat. One of my favorite covers!

I have to give kudos to Mr Baker on vocals for nailing the RHCP’s `Don’t Stop’ because that is one fast track vocally and he never stumbled. He kept going throughout making it look effortless. The band closed with `Black Hole Sun’ and `I Just Wanna Make Love’ as the crowd went crazy for one final moment of pure pleasure.



They did a great job for their first outing, nerves were noticeable at the beginning before they found their feet and settled in to the moment. The rhythm section is a utter power trio who showcased their stamina and talent. They complimented each other perfectly. Vocals could be stronger but, that’s me expecting the next Layne Staley or Chris Cornell to come rocking through Mojacar!

As the band practice and get more gigs under their belts, Nasty Bite are going to be an absolute force to be reckoned with!


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