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Overall score 99

Nothing More

Nothing More is an American Hard Rock band from Texas, who have four studio albums under the belt, which includes their self titled album that was released this year. The tide appears to be changing  for the band with this latest release and the buzz seems to keep growing.

The album opens up with `Ocean Floor´ which is a calming, moving interlude that lures you into its calmness as if you were actually on the ocean floor taking in its serenity before the scene is torn apart with `This Is the Time (Ballast)´ The drums driving the song throughout. Its hard, powerful and full of raw emotion. Its hard rock edge entwines and weaves through Electro beats.

`Christ Copyright´ brings the beats in fast before the vocals decide to join in and follow pace.  The sound it produces is a weird fusion cocktail that draws you in and leaves you drunk.  `Mr MTV´ comes in strong singing about today´s world and its empty nation but this song is anything but empty. Its hard and full of brutality throughout yet still allowing the listener to connect to the track in between its crashing guitars.

`First Punch´ is a super catchy track that slows it down, just a notch. A great tempo and punching melody from start to finish. `Gyre´ is focused on the ocean. It waves an enchanting tale with its skillful guitar work, the perfect backdrop as quotes are blended over the top. It draws on your emotions to really make its mark.

From `The Matthew Effect, I´ll Be OK, Here´s to the Heartache, If I Were, Friendly Fire, Sex & Lies, Surface Flames´ to `Take a Bullet, Jenny, God Went North´ and closing on `Pyre´

There is not one bad track from its start to its finish. Its Hard Rock infused with Electro beats that create this intriguing sound that will blow you away after just one listen. An album full of emotion that will trigger your switch back and forth leaving you in absolute awe.

It tells a story of beginning on the ocean floor and working your way up to the sky as Nothing More has a hell of a lot more waiting on the horizon and beyond.

I highly recommend that you grab a copy and take it for a spin.

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